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I started a book in the past couple of days that I just can’t read without feeling frustrated. The writing style is so broken up that some sentences are tiny fragments that are only a few words long, and it’s so stressful to read! However I am going to try and finish it so I can review it. For this post I asked a couple of people for a few books they started but couldn’t finish.

Lauren at Comma Hangover:

“There are many reasons why I may not finish a book. When it comes to pleasure reading it is usually when a main character doesn’t meet my expectations. I can buy a few things happening to a character out of bad luck but when she actively does nothing to stop them and walks into danger I have a bit of a problem keeping up.

Recently this has been changing because I am finding that I don’t necessarily have to like a main character to like a story and I am more likely to stick with books. There are a few books that I haven’t finished though.

1) Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer is one of the first ones I remember. This book was really where the series stalled. Although I did read Twilight and New Moon I could not empathize with Bella. I thought she was emotional and bratty and the personal stakes just weren’t raised high enough.

2) How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff was another book I didn’t finish. I thought I could get through it because it was short but the character was so disallusioned that I couldn’t connect with her. I tried to give her some time but when a book is only 150 pages long and you can’t connect with a character by page 50 it just isn’t worth the effort.”


Sarah at The Little Contemporary Corner

“I have two major ones I’ve not finished. I didn’t finished Where Rainbows End (Love Rosie) by Cecelia Ahern. I loved the premise and the start was great, but I got half way through and nothing was still happening. It was still just communication between these two characters and it quite frankly got dull! I also never finished Lord of The Flies, oops! I mean the start was okay. I just never connected with the stories or the characters in it like everyone else seemed to do!”


Emily (my sister!)

“I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime, which provides the Kindle Lenders Library service. I scrolled through the fantasy books as I fancied something I hadn’t read in a while. I started a book called ‘Enchantress’, book one of the Evermen Saga by James Maxwell. It started off promising; the prologue intrigued me and made me want to know more about the characters. It was mysterious and introduced a strong female character that I wanted to get to know more.

But all of a sudden, chapter one began and the storyline in the prologue was never returned to. Everything changed, the story wasn’t as interesting and the characters that intrigued me so much at the start became a bit boring and flat. The character I really wanted to read about never appeared again. I only read about 40 pages of the book and decided to get another one instead. I still want to read a fantasy book, but perhaps I should read the reviews first (which were, for the most part, not very positive). Good try, Maxwell, but the Evermen Saga just wasn’t for me.”


Are there any books that you tried to read but couldn’t finish? Let me know in the comments!

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