Did you know that on March 20th, it was International Day of Happiness? And do you know what one of the best things in the world is? BEING HAPPY! There’s no feeling better than being so happy, you just want to laugh and smile at everything. There are far too many times when it’s a bit harder to be happy, and you need something to lift your spirits.

It’s for that reason that I’m going to do what I call the Happiness Project. I’m going to list 30 things that make me happy, and whenever I think of new things, I’ll add to the list. However big or small they are, they all count. Then if you’re reading this, I urge you to do the same thing! Just make a list of things that make you feel really happy! We can all look at each other’s lists and add things to our own little Happiness Project. Let’s do this!

My Happiness Project: Things That Make Me Happy

Finishing a book, and although it can be sad, I know I can go on to the next one and keep reading!

Introducing a friend to a film or TV show I love, and they love it too

When I wake up in the morning and my skin isn’t dry

A reeeeally nice bag of posh salt and vinegar crisps

Laughing about something with someone until we cry and it becomes a joke for the next 2 weeks

Getting praise for doing something really well, e.g. a task for work that I was worried about

Being able to buy something that I’ve wanted to buy forages

When I can go and see my friends from uni, or they come down to see me

Late night trips to the supermarket to buy snacks or ice cream

Finding a book that I’ve wanted for AGES and it’scheap enough for me to buy it

Discovering a new favourite book and I talk about how great it is to EVERYONE (even if they’re not listening)

Harry Potter. Just everything Harry Potter

That feeling when it’s raining outside, but you’re inside in your warm bed listening to the rain on the window

Creating a new in-joke with friends and we keep it going for literally years

When I reach my daily goals on my Fitbit

Going for walks and discovering new places I’ve never walked before

Seeing how happy and free my dog looks when I take her for a walk

When the weather starts to get sunny and I can go outside in just a t-shirt for the first time!

Finding a great new walking song and I feel like I want to skip down the road

Moana and its soundtrack. The most I’ve listened to the whole soundtrack was 4 times in one day

When I listen to an audiobook and the narrator blows me away by how good they are, and I’m so engaged with it that I don’t want it to end (example)

Having at least a few blog posts written and scheduled and feeling like I have my life together

Going on day trips to new places and taking loads of photos of everything from big buildings to pretty plants

Space and astronomy. I have a growing collection of books about it and although the idea of space as an endless entity that will probably never be fully explored freaks me out to no end, it’s still fascinating!

Finding a new great-smelling candle

When a friend sends me something, even just a picture on Messenger, because I know they thought of me when they saw it and that makes me happy

Giving someone a Christmas/birthday present that they really love

Colour coordinating my bookshelves. It’s just so satisfying to look at, and I love the actual process of arranging all the books

Feeling really tired and flopping into bed. It’s such a good feeling!

Knowing that I have the freaking BEST group of friends and family that I could possibly have. I love them all and I wouldn’t be happy without them all!

What Makes You Happy?

If you want to join in and make a huge list of things that make you happy, do it! We can all read each other’s lists and if we see things that we didn’t think of, we can add them to our own. I’m looking forward to seeing what makes you happy!


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