june wrap up

After managing to complete Blog Every Day in May last month, it felt weird to adjust to not posting every day again in June. I almost felt guilty having a couple of days off posting. It’s funny worrying that you haven’t scheduled a post for the next day, to casually going a day or two without thinking about it! I haven’t slacked on the reading front throughout June, though! Here’s a list of all the books I read and blog things I’ve been up to.

Books I’ve Read

The first book I read this month was a novella, The One With the Engagement Party by Erin Lawless. The story follows bride-to-be Nora and her group of best friends and bridesmaids as they get closer and closer to the big day. The novella is the first in a series that will follow Nora all the way to her wedding day, and I can’t wait to read more. It’s just a nice easy, light-hearted read.

Next on the list to read was The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone, a book that I got for free in return for a review from NetGalley. When Maddie’s eccentric, loving Gram announces she has terminal cancer, she takes them all aboard a ‘death with dignity’ cruise called the Wishwell and they live out her wildest dreams, ticking everything off her bucket list (or her ‘loose ends list’). I liked this book a lot – although the themes had the potential to be a bit glum and heavy, the lighter moments helped to detract from this and it became quite uplifting.

The next book was a bit darker and I was looking forward to reading this one since I found it on NetGalley. Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan is a mystery thriller – the main character Margo, a high school Classics teacher and writer for local newspaper agony aunt column ‘Dear Amy’, begins receiving letters that are a plea for help from Bethan Avery – who went missing several years ago and is presumed dead. I loved the mystery of this novel and the twists and turns made it impossible to put down.

Then I read a book that has quickly made its way into my favourites list: The Glittering Art of Falling Apart by Ilana Fox. Cassie is fascinated by her family history – she is a descendent of the Tempests, a high-class family who lived in Beaufont Hall in Buckinghamshire. Cassie has the chance to explore this old house and she uncovers family secrets that will change her life forever. I loved this book and I’ll probably end up re-reading it in a couple of months!

Finally, I just finished reading Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg, another book from NetGalley. I had no idea what to expect from this book because the blurb made it out to be magical and happy, something I felt like I needed after the heavy themes in the rest of the month’s books – oh how I was wrong. The book is set in a fantasy world and involves slavery, lost memories and beating. It’s a great story though and I really enjoyed reading it!

I’m currently reading The Wrong Kind of Clouds by Amanda Fleet, which I should finish very soon. Look out for the review in the next couple of days, and then I have a blog tour coming on the 4th July! I can’t wait!

Other things I’ve done

This month was also a month of giveaways! At the very beginning of the month I announced the winner of my Blood Torment blog tour giveaway and ran a new giveaway for How the Duke Was Won,. Thank you to Little, Brown Book Group and to Lenora Bell, the author of How the Duke Was Won, for generously making these giveaways possible!

Finally, I ‘attended’ my first week of webinars for my Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Shaw Academy and I really enjoyed it. I wrote a whole post about my first impressions, so if you’re interested in reading that then please do.

In terms of my blog admin-y stuff, in case you hadn’t noticed I spruced up my post headers and the cute little info headers before book reviews! Please let me know what you think – I really like them, it looks a bit more interesting than plain text and tiny headers. I’m all about making my blog look pretty so I try my best!

I truly love writing this blog at the moment because it’s got me back into reading and the blogging community is amazing. I can’t wait to see what I read and get up to in July!

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