listers gotta list sept #2

It’s the second week of Listers Gotta List and this time, it’s a full week rather than just a few days! The theme for this month is Self-Care.

My Self-Care Routine

I don’t particularly have a routine when it comes to self-care. I just tend to do whatever I like to do whenever I need to relax! These things might include:

  • Have a lie-in (but not so late that I feel groggy)
  • Don’t use my laptop too much so I can rest my eyes. My job is done using a computer so sometimes it’s nice to have a break away from it!
  • Spend a whole day reading a book – I sometimes start a book in the morning and finish it that day
  • Stay in my room and watch a film, Netflix or something rubbish on TV

Best School Memories

Oh man, I have so many! I really liked school (most of the time) so I can’t really pick out specific memories. I’ll try my best but some of these might just be a bit general and cliche!

  • Performing in school shows and then being a production assistant for the show when I was in sixth form
  • Staying in my form room at lunch pretty much every day – it was a lot of fun for a big group of us all to stay in there and have a laugh over lunch!
  • There are probably many more seeing as I was in school from the age of 4 till 18, but my mind’s gone blank!

Favourite Smells

  • Fresh bread is one of the best smells EVER, especially when it’s baking
  • The smell of salt and vinegar when you walk past a chip shop, or food smells from a cafe
  • Cocoa powder or milkshake powder. I don’t know what it is about it, it’s just amazing
  • (I’ve noticed these are all food themed… oops)

What is on my Nightstand?

  • A blue lamp that gets brighter the longer it’s on – I like it because it creates a nice atmosphere in my room!
  • Two cute little candle holder things that I have LED candles in
  • A box with my retainer in (that I hardly ever wear oops)
  • A box of vitamins (because I don’t eat enough fruit and veg oops)
  • Usually, a glass or two because I always forget to take them downstairs
  • Currently, my Golden Snitch necklace that I’ve forgotten to put away

Crafty Blogging Projects This Month

LGL is originally a crafty challenge but I haven’t done any craft for ages. I’ve just been so busy! Instead, I’m changing this one to blogging projects – ones I have started this month and a few peaks at what I’m planning!

  • Probably the biggest project I’ve started this month is working with author Dan Ingram-Brown to help get his blog up and running. It’s my goal to set up an author assistant business, and I’m currently working voluntarily to get my name out. We’ve been working together through Skype calls to come up with ideas for his blog, and I’m looking forward to getting started properly!
  • I’m already planning what I’m doing for Christmas on my blog. I want it to be very Christmas-themed (I LOVE CHRISTMAS) so I’m coming up with a few ideas at the moment. I can’t wait!
  • It’s my 1-year blog birthday in October so I’m also trying to think of what I can do to celebrate that.

Journalling Blogging Essentials

This one is like the one above. I used to be so into journaling and I haven’t done it for ages. One thing I know more about at the moment is blogging! I might actually write a whole blog post about this so I won’t go into too much depth here…

  • A blog. It doesn’t need to be anything special. It doesn’t need to be expensive or self-hosted. If you have a blog, you’re a blogger.
  • You don’t need a great camera. If you have a rubbish camera or a phone with a camera on it, you can take photos. But then again, a blog doesn’t even require photos – there are millions of royalty free stock images out there that you can still use and make look great!
  • You don’t need Photoshop skills. There are so many free and easy ways to make blog headers and graphics. I don’t have any Photoshop skills, really – I can do basic things, but I mainly use free things like Paint.NET and Canva.
  • Ideas and content. That’s all you need! If you have ideas and you can write them down, that’s a blog!

Ways I Deal With… Stress

I’m human. I get stressed. Sometimes I can get stressed a lot, especially when I have a lot to do. This is how I deal with it…

  • Put the laptop away, put the work down for the day (or at least a couple of hours), and do something to take my mind off whatever it stressing me out.
  • Read a book – this calms me down a lot!
  • Watch a film or a TV show for a while
  • Sometimes it’s best just to stay in my room and not talk to many people until my mind’s calmed down a little bit. I’m probably not the nicest person to talk to when I’m stressed and overwhelmed…

That’s it for this week. See you in a week for 7 more!