listers gotta list 3

This month’s theme: Self-Care

Currently Listening, Watching & Reading

  • I’m currently obsessed with Troye Sivan’s albums. I keep listening to them and barely anything else!
  • Right now (literally, as I type this) I’ve just started watching How I Met Your Mother. I’ve wanted to watch it for ages and now that it’s on Netflix, I can finally start watching it. I’ve just started episode 2 (I did say I’ve just started).
  • I’m about half-way through Advance by K A Duggsy. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Things I’m Afraid Of

  • Fire. It’s a scary thing!
  • Small spaces. The idea of being enclosed in any kind of small space really freaks me out; I can’t bring myself to even do things like laser tag or those ‘escape the room’ things. CAN’T DO IT.
  • Death. This is getting a bit dark and depressing, so… let’s stop.

My Happy Place

  • The weather is chilly and grey (I know, not what most people would prefer)…
  • I’m sitting indoors in a massive hoodie and slipper socks…
  • I’m reading a book and I have nothing else too important to do…
  • …and it’s Christmas. PERFECT.

Why Fall is Awesome

  • See above
  • I love the changing weather and the trees turn orange and it looks autumnal and magical
  • It’s closer to Christmas
  • I can start wearing my jumpers and slipper socks again!! My favourite clothes! (I barely even own any summer clothes)

Things That Make Me Feel Good About Myself

  • When I’m told I’ve done something good in my job. It makes me feel so great – I’ve wanted to do the job that I do for ages, so when I’m told I’m doing it well it’s amazing!
  • If I’m wearing an outfit that I feel I look great in, I will feel more confident than I would if I looked scruffy. Even if others look at me like “what the hell are you wearing?” I’ll still feel great because I think I look great. And that’s all that matters.

On My Book List

  • Hahaha. Ha ha. I don’t even think I’m going to answer that. I can’t do it. There are about 300.

My Current Evening Routine

  • On a weekday: Once all my work is finished for the day, it’s often approaching the evening. I finish off whatever blog stuff I wanted to finish that day, put my laptop down and try not to look at it for the rest of the evening. I’ll read a book, watch something on Netflix, or whatever I feel like doing to unwind. I’ll then usually attempt to go to bed at 11ish, although it’s often a bit later.
  • On a weekend: I’ll do whatever! Tonight, for instance, I walked the dog, came back and did some blog bits (including writing this) and I’ll probably just read for the rest of the night.