The Wonderfully Bookish Podcast will be a book-lover’s dream. (Too ambitious?)
It’ll include author interviews, blogger interviews, chats with bookish small business owners, giveaways, fun, updates on books being released each month, and more.

I’ve worked on multiple podcasts as part of my job, including one with over a million total downloads, so I can’t wait to have a go at my own!

It’s still in the planning stage at the moment, but I’ll keep updating this page with progress as it happens. If you want to help with the planning process, please fill in this quick 2-minute survey. It’ll help me out a lot!

Want to keep up to date throughout the process and be notified when the podcast goes live?

Sign up using the form below and I’ll send you occasional updates. I might even ask for your opinions on things, and if you help me out at all, you’ll definitely get a special mention as a thank you!

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