A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea for writing challenge. I really like short stories (writing and reading them), so I thought – why not create a whole challenge centered around them?! If you like writing and you want to get involved, then please do! In this first post, I’ll introduce the challenge, what’s involved, and then get started straight away with the first challenge! LET’S GO!

What is the Short Story Challenge?

Each month, I’ll post a new challenge here on my blog. The aim of the challenge will be to write a short story with a around 1000 words. (It’s not too strict, but don’t make it too long!) Anyone who wants to take part will have about a month to complete the challenge and submit it. The challenges will vary to mix it up a bit! They might be…

  • A sentence or a few words you must include
  • A starting sentence
  • Just a title, and you write a story with that title
  • A setting (place, time, maybe even whether conditions)
  • Anything I can think of as I go along!

There will be no obligation to take part every month. If you just want to drop in and take part one month and not the next, great! If you can’t think of anything for the prompt, you don’t have to force yourself to write something.

What’s in it for me?

This is the exciting part! Every person who submits their story for the month will receive an email with either a free printable to help with your writing, or an exclusive discount code! The code will be for something reading or writing related, and it will be exclusive ONLY to people to take part in the challenge! There will be a different one each month, so if you take part every time, you could rack up some great discounts and freebies. HOW EXCITING!

As well as that, I’ll feature everyone’s stories in the following month’s blog post along with your blog or social media links. It’ll be a great way to meet fellow writers, and even offer critique to each other’s stories.

How does it work? Are there rules?

There aren’t any rules, as such; just a few guidelines. I’ll explain how this will work in a handy bullet point list.

  • On the 5th of each month, the Short Story Challenge blog post will go live. This will include a link to read everyone’s stories from the previous challenge, and the brand new shiny challenge for that month. I’ll also tell you what the incentive for the next challenge will be!
  • You’ll have until the 30th (unless it’s February) to write and submit your story. You can submit it at any point during the month, but no later than the 30th.
  • Your story has no minimum or maximum word count, but aim for about 1000 words. Don’t be submitting a whole novel – this is for short stories!
  • Submit your stories by emailing me at [email protected]. Please include the following in your email:
    • Your name
    • Blog link or social media links
    • Any other link you’d like to promote (a shop, a website, a book, etc)
    • Please state whether your story has warnings. This includes bad language, sex, or trigger warnings (e.g. abuse). I want everyone to feel happy and safe!
    • Your story! You can do this however you like. Copy and paste it into the email body, or attach it if you’ve written it with a word processing program.
  • At some point after the 30th, I’ll email you with your freebie or discount code for taking part! WOOHOO!

Are you ready?!!

I’m SO excited to get this started! The first challenge will be posted on 5th February, so look out for it! I’m only anticipating a few people will join in, but it’ll make me happy all the same. Even if only 3 people take part, that’s still cool!

Don’t worry about remembering all of this information. In each month’s challenge post, I’ll link back to this one.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!! If you’re interested in taking part in the Short Story Challenge, comment on this post and let me know. I’ll be over the moon!


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