If you’re not sure what the Short Story Challenge is, you can read all of the details here. Last month’s challenge was the first ever, and it went so well! It’s time for a new challenge, so read on!

It's the second month of the Short Story Challenge! Have a look at this month's prompt, read last month's stories and take part!

Last Month’s Challenge

Last month’s Short Story Challenge was to write a story with the title “The Last Thirteen Minutes“. There were some amazing submissions (ALL of them were amazing!) and it was so great to see how people interpreted the title! Thank you to everyone who took part. Click on the button below to read last month’s stories – comment on this post and tell us which one is your favourite!

Recap of the Rules

So, these are the basic rules and guidelines:

  • Look at the challenge prompt below and get some ideas flowing!
  • Write a short story (no minimum length, but aim for around 1000 words) using the prompt, and email it to [email protected]
  • In your email, include your name, your blog link or social media links (promote yourself!), whether your story has warnings (this includes bad language, sex, or trigger warnings (e.g. abuse). I want everyone to feel happy and safe!), and your story – either attach it as a document or copy and paste it into the email body.
  • Make sure you send it to me by March 25th EDIT: New deadline is 31st March! and some time after that, I’ll send you your incentive via email as thanks for taking part!

Are you ready for the most important part? THIS MONTH’S SHORT STORY CHALLENGE!

This Month’s Short Story Challenge…

Each month, the challenge could be…

  • A sentence or a few words you must include
  • A starting sentence
  • Just a title, and you write a story with that title
  • A setting (place, time, maybe even whether conditions)
  • Anything I can think of as I go along!

Here’s this month’s challenge!

Your character is in high school. One of their classmates is always on their own and never seems to talk to anyone. Write from the perspective of your character (are they a bully? Do they want to be the shy person’s friend?) and also from the perspective of the shy classmate (what is the reality? Why are they always alone?).

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Your Incentive for Taking Part

I’m really excited about this month’s incentive! A friend of mine Sophie has a great Etsy shop where she sells all sorts of hand-lettered beauties. Sophie offers custom hand-lettered quotes – you can pick a quote of your choice and she’ll do it for you! I have a Harry Potter one and I LOVE it. Have a look on her Etsy store to see the kind of thing she can do for you. Sophie’s been SO kind to offer this month’s incentive!

  • Get a custom hand-lettered A4 quote print for £7 instead of £12! That’s almost half price. How amazing is that?! When this month’s challenge is over, there will be a listing specifically for those of you who complete it, and I’ll email you a discount code to take it down to £7.

I hope you’re as excited for this as I am!

Let’s Get Writing!

If you’re taking part in this challenge, comment below and let me know! I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as me. Just to remind you, you can click here to read the post all about the challenge if you need some more information. Good luck, and have fun!


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