Wonderless Reviews’ Halloween Readathon – My Spooky TBR!

Wonderless Reviews’ Halloween Readathon – My Spooky TBR!

Looking at my bookshelves, I realised I had a fair few books that would be perfect to read before Halloween. I headed over to Twitter to ask if there are any Halloween-themed readathons going on, and I was in luck! What better time to get through some of my TBR than with a readathon?!

It's time to get through a few books with a Halloween readathon! Come and see my TBR, which includes Tom Fletcher and creepy dolls. All you need, really.

Photo from Unsplash

This month, I’m going to join in with Wonderless Reviews’ Halloween Readathon. The goal is to read however many spooky books we want to read between October 10th – October 31st. The only rule is that the books we read have to be horror, thriller and/or have some kind of supernatural element. There are a few extra challenges to go along with it too, so I’ll see if I achieve any!