Guest Post: Have You Heard About Greyscale?

Guest Post: Have You Heard About Greyscale?

Guest post by Sandra from - have you heard about Greyscale?

Ages ago, I wrote a blog post about my favourite adult colouring books. Adult colouring has become such a massive trend in the past couple of years, with bookshops having entire sections dedicated to colouring books. I love a broad range of designs, from big and simple to tiny and delicate. In today’s post, Sandra from is here to tell you about a different form of adult colouring that I actually haven’t heard of before. Without further ado, I’ll pass you over to Sandra!


Listers Gotta List: September #3

Listers Gotta List: September #3

listers gotta list 3

This month’s theme: Self-Care

Currently Listening, Watching & Reading

  • I’m currently obsessed with Troye Sivan’s albums. I keep listening to them and barely anything else!
  • Right now (literally, as I type this) I’ve just started watching How I Met Your Mother. I’ve wanted to watch it for ages and now that it’s on Netflix, I can finally start watching it. I’ve just started episode 2 (I did say I’ve just started).
  • I’m about half-way through Advance by K A Duggsy. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Things I’m Afraid Of

  • Fire. It’s a scary thing!
  • Small spaces. The idea of being enclosed in any kind of small space really freaks me out; I can’t bring myself to even do things like laser tag or those ‘escape the room’ things. CAN’T DO IT.
  • Death. This is getting a bit dark and depressing, so… let’s stop.

My Happy Place

  • The weather is chilly and grey (I know, not what most people would prefer)…
  • I’m sitting indoors in a massive hoodie and slipper socks…
  • I’m reading a book and I have nothing else too important to do…
  • …and it’s Christmas. PERFECT.

Why Fall is Awesome

  • See above
  • I love the changing weather and the trees turn orange and it looks autumnal and magical
  • It’s closer to Christmas
  • I can start wearing my jumpers and slipper socks again!! My favourite clothes! (I barely even own any summer clothes)

Things That Make Me Feel Good About Myself

  • When I’m told I’ve done something good in my job. It makes me feel so great – I’ve wanted to do the job that I do for ages, so when I’m told I’m doing it well it’s amazing!
  • If I’m wearing an outfit that I feel I look great in, I will feel more confident than I would if I looked scruffy. Even if others look at me like “what the hell are you wearing?” I’ll still feel great because think I look great. And that’s all that matters.

On My Book List

  • Hahaha. Ha ha. I don’t even think I’m going to answer that. I can’t do it. There are about 300.

My Current Evening Routine

  • On a weekday: Once all my work is finished for the day, it’s often approaching the evening. I finish off whatever blog stuff I wanted to finish that day, put my laptop down and try not to look at it for the rest of the evening. I’ll read a book, watch something on Netflix, or whatever I feel like doing to unwind. I’ll then usually attempt to go to bed at 11ish, although it’s often a bit later.
  • On a weekend: I’ll do whatever! Tonight, for instance, I walked the dog, came back and did some blog bits (including writing this) and I’ll probably just read for the rest of the night.
Listers Gotta List: The Creative Listing Challenge

Listers Gotta List: The Creative Listing Challenge

listers gotta list

Listers Gotta List is a creative challenge created by Cori, a.k.a. The Reset Girl. Each month Cori released a list of prompts, one for every day of the month. Each prompt is answered with a list of some sort; usually done creatively in a notebook or sketchbook, using art and craft supplies. There are a number of great reasons to take part.

1. It encourages creativity.

This challenge encourages creativity in so many different ways. The original idea was to create lists using art and craft materials. I’ve done a couple in the past, and in a couple of ways; notebooks, created my own book with cardboard, and other ways I can’t even remember. It is a lot of fun to do but can be fairly time-consuming, which is why I’ve decided to do it on my blog.