Short Story Challenge #3: April 2017

Short Story Challenge #3: April 2017

If you’re not sure what the Short Story Challenge is, you can read all of the details here. I’m so happy with how this challenge is going so far. I almost expected nobody to join in, but it’s so amazing to see people having fun with it! Let’s find out about this month’s challenge!

Last Month’s Challenge

Last month’s Short Story Challenge was to write a story with the following prompt:

Your character is in high school. One of their classmates is always on their own and never seems to talk to anyone. Write from the perspective of your character and also from the perspective of the shy classmate.

There weren’t as many submissions than last month, but I loved them all (well, one of them was mine, and I must say – I’m pretty happy with mine too!) Again, like last time, it was so amazing to see how people interpreted the prompt – all three stories are totally different! Thank you to those who took part. Click on the button below to read last month’s stories – comment on this post and tell us which one is your favourite!