Here's the Christmas Cracker book tag, full of wonderful questions all about books!

I haven’t done a book tag in a while. I don’t like to do them too often, but I saw the Christmas Cracker book tag, I just couldn’t not do it! It’s about books AND Christmas, my two favourite things!

I wasn’t tagged in this, but I wanted to do it anyway. (So in the true spirit of Christmas, I’m just going to nick it. Don’t judge me.) This tag was originally created by Lucy from The Bumbling Bibliophile and Queen of Contemporary. I’m not tagging anyone, so if you want to do it (and nick it like me), go ahead. Let’s go!

The Christmas Cracker Book Tag

Pick a book with a wintry cover


I’m going to pick one of my favourite books (and one of my favourite covers, for that matter). The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey is one of the winteryest (that should be a real word) books I can think of. It’s set in the Alaskan wilderness. A couple who can’t have children make a girl out of snow, and the next day she’s gone. There are little footprints leading away from where they made her. It’s such a magical book, and although the cover is minimalistic, it just instantly makes me feel wintry.


I have bought books as presents, but I can’t tell you what they are because the recipients might be reading this blog post. So… I won’t. I’ll be writing all about the books I’ve bought (and received) in a post-Christmas blog post though, so look out for that.




I’m currently reading My True Love Gave to Me, a collection of YA festive short stories. You can see the authors who have contributed in the picture above. I’m reading it for The Little Contemporary Corner‘s read-along, and I’m really enjoying it so far! Each story is so different and there is such great diversity in the characters. I’ll be reviewing every story individually in a blog post coming after Christmas!



The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher is so cuddly and festive and I LOVE IT. It made me feel so warm and happy reading about Santa and the elves. The main character William and his dad both love Christmas, and it made me happy seeing how much they loved it! If I had a proper fireplace with a roaring fire and a huge fluffy rug to sit on, that’s where I can imagine myself reading this. You can read my review of it here.



Look who’s back. Back again. The Snow Child’s back. It’s just SO good. When I tried to think of a book for this one, I couldn’t think of one that I either have read already, or I’m currently reading. I really want to read The Snow Child again at some point, though, so I might read it in January. (If I’ve got time.)



Okay, I’m going to ruin the nice, happy, festive spirit just for a second. The first book that came into my head was Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I’ve talked about this a lot because it’s one of my favourite books. And it DEFINITELY gives me chills. It’s so creepy and disturbing that I almost shuddered reading some parts. I’d recommend it though to everyone. It’s SO GOOD. And creepy as heck. But good.


I can’t choose just one, so I’ll write down the whole wishlist that I sent to my mum–I mean, Santa.

  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  • To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey
  • Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard
  • I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
  • Slade House by David Mitchell
  • Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson
  • My Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
  • Anything written by Neal Shusterman


So, there you have it. My Christmas Cracker book tag. What do you think of my answers? What would your answers me? Let me know!

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