Want Me to Review Your Book?

Note: I am currently not accepting book review requests.

I am happy to discuss other things, like Q&As, guest posts etc (see the bottom of this page for other ideas), but I am currently swamped in books and I need time to get through them before I take on new ones. I’d rather say no than to take your book and disappoint you. Hope you understand!

Request to review your book

If you’d like to get in contact with my about reviewing your book, please send me an email with a brief summary and I can decide whether it is something I will be happy to review. Please don’t be offended if I decide not to review it; sometimes I receive more book review requests than I can actually find time to read, so I need to start choosing which ones best suit me best. (I’ve learned this the hard way – I don’t want to take on too many books and then take months to read them.)

However, if I do decide to read your book, I will email you back with an address or an email address where you can send a copy of the book. If I like the sound of your book, though, I often will try and find other ways to help you out, like an author spotlight post. 🙂

Book formats

I will accept books in the following formats:

  • Physical copy (paperback or hardback)
  • Kindle eBook (.mobi)
  • NetGalley request
  • I will accept both ARCs/proof copies and finished copies

Book genres

I don’t have a specific list of genres that I will review; it will all depend on if I like the sound of the synopsis that you give me. However, I do particularly like to read the following genres (bold are my favourites):

  • Contemporary
  • Young Adult (YA)
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy (slightly picky)
  • Crime/mystery/thriller (very picky)
  • Chick-lit (very picky)

If your book falls into any of these categories, particularly the first three, it’s very likely that I will be interested. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to send me your synopsis anyway – there is a chance I’ll still be interested to read it!

When will the review be posted?

I can’t predict how long it will take me to read a book. I can read some books in a day, whereas others take a week. If you’ve sent me a copy of your book, I WILL send you an update if it’ll take longer than planned. I’ll also send you a link to the published review. Please bare in mind that I do (believe it or not) do other things besides reading books, so I need sufficient time to review a book unless we come to an agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: If I accept your book to review, I am not contractually obliged to review it. If I can’t review your book due to lack of time or because I don’t enjoy the book, there may be times when I will not post a review. Hopefully you understand that if I don’t click with a book, a negative review could be more harmful to your book than not posting one at all.

I always ensure I read at least 15% of a book before making this decision, and in some cases I will give the book a second chance later on; in such cases I will let you know my decision. If I can, I will give the book to another blogger who may enjoy it or have the time to review it if I have your permission to do so.

ARC policy

When receiving ARCs I will NEVER sell them under any circumstances. I will only share ARCs or give them away to other bloggers if I have the permission from the author or the publisher to do so. (Aren’t people who sell ARCs just the worst?)

Other Ways We Can Work Together

At Wonderfully Bookish I post a variety of content, not just book reviews. A lot of this content is kindly provided by authors and publishers. Below is a list of things that I am happy to do. I’m always happy to do these things, so give me a shout and I’ll work with you!

Author interviews: I often interview authors that I am interested in or whose books I enjoy. Interviews are best to be conducted via email. If you’d like to be interviewed, I’ll need a couple of days at the most to think of the best questions! Note: Please ensure I’ve read one of your book before. I find it hard to ask questions to an author who is completely unfamiliar to me.

Giveaways: If I’m supplied with a book or an item to give away by an author or a publisher, I will be happy to collaborate. I can organise the details with you (for example, whether the giveaway is hosted via Rafflecopter, Twitter or via my blog itself, such as commenting on a post for a chance to win). I will also occasionally run a giveaway for an ARC that I have read and would like to pass on. As mentioned above, I will never do this without the permission of the author or publisher first.

Blog tours: I tend to only run blog tours through blog tour lists that I am already associated with (currently I work with Neverland Blog Tours and Faye Rogers PR). If you are organising your own blog tour and would like me to be involved, please let me know and I will follow the same guidelines as I stated in my review policy.

Cover reveals: I enjoy hosting cover reveals as they are quick to write and fun to take part in! If you’d like me to take part in a cover reveal for your book please don’t hesitate to ask and I will almost always get involved. Note: I would like to see the cover first if possible. I’ve shared cover reveals in the past when I wasn’t a big fan of the cover myself, but felt obliged to post it.

Guest posts: I will accept guest posts from both authors and other bloggers. If you are a fellow blogger who would like a blog post written for you in return, please get in touch and we can organise this. You can include one link back to your blog or website. Please do not request a guest post for SEO purposes only!

Let’s Talk!

If you want to contact me about a book or you’d just like a chat (chats are fun!), you can find the various ways to contact me on my Contact page.

Last updated: 20th May 2018

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