My friend Sarah at The Little Contemporary Corner wrote 25 bookish facts about her, so I thought I'd do the same. Have fun getting to know me!

One of my fellow book bloggers, Sarah at The Little Contemporary Corner, posted 25 bookish facts about her a few weeks ago so I thought I’d do the same thing here. I’ve realised I haven’t really shared very much about me on this blog, so this might give you a little insight into the bookish side of me! This is a fairly long post, so get ready…


For years, I’ve had an addiction to buying books in charity shops. It’s like an impulse that every time I go in, I MUST look at the books and it’s 90% likely that I will buy at least one. They’re just so cheap!

I don’t like movie covers of books; I like them to be the original book covers. I’ll only have the movie ones if I can’t find the original in the shop (e.g, my cover of The Martian is the film version and it’s odd seeing Matt Damon’s face staring at me from my bedside table).

I prefer to read paperbacks because they’re easier to hold and turn the pages, but I do love the look of a hardback – they’re just so pretty.

One of my favourite book series is the Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman. (Fun fact: the first book is being turned into a film soon and I’m kind of nervous, but excited too – check back very soon for a post about it!)


I’d love to write a novel one day – maybe now that my university work is completely done FOREVER (cries quietly), I can start to work on one!

Similarly, I’d love to write a screenplay based on a book, which I also might do one day. I started writing one for Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy a few years ago and I might pick that one back up again, I loved writing it because I know the book so well!

When I was a kid I absolutely ADORED going to the local library with my sister and my mum. We would sit there for ages and ages looking through the books and choosing ones we wanted to borrow, both taking home a carrier bag full of them. Ugh, I just really love libraries. I don’t use them as often now though but I still have special place in my heart for them.

I have a stupidly massive TBR pile. My bookshelf at home is full of tons of books I’ve never read, my sister’s is too, and I also have about 80 books on my Kindle that I haven’t read either. In the film About Time, Bill Nighy’s character says that he uses his time travel power to go back in time and read all of the books he needs to read before he dies… that’s totally what I’d do, too.

I am a massive Harry Potter nerd, but I didn’t actually read the books till long after I watched the films (apart from the first and second ones which I read years ago). I’ve actually only recently read the latest ones, and I am yet to read Deathly Hallows… don’t shoot me. I still know all there is to know about every book!


I usually can’t read for too long in one day. I love reading, of course, but if I read for more than an hour or so I lose concentration and I end up reading the same page about 50 times before telling myself to call it a day. I wish I could read all day because I’d get through so many books, but I don’t want reading to become a chore!

For ages I said I wanted to be a book editor, but I soon realised that maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea – I love reading too much and I wouldn’t want it to become my job rather than a hobby (although it would be pretty cool to be paid to read books). I think I’d rather stick to reading in my spare time though.

Do you think a mum reading to her kids is childish? Well, my sister and I still loved our mum reading to us right up until we were about 12 or 13. It was so great and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about it because we loved it so much. We would get into our mum’s big bed and get under the duvet, and she’d read to us using silly voices. I’m 21 and I’d still happily sit and listen to a story right now.

I tend to judge a book by its cover quite a lot, which I guess is a bit of a bad habit. I just have a weakness for pretty book covers and if a cover looks ugly or unattractive to me, I usually skim right over it… oops. I should probably try to stop doing that…

I also tend to be very fussy about the books I read in general (genres, etc), but this is something I’m getting tons better at.

I currently have a fascination for space and the universe, and for that I can thank The Martian. After reading The Martian I realised I become obsessed with Mars, and I wanted to research the crap out of it. I downloaded the NASA app and everything. I LOVE SPACE.

the martian

I reeeeally want to get a decent camera so I can take pretty book photos!!! I’d love to post on my Instagram (@wonderfully_bookish, in case you were wondering) and also include my own photos in my blog posts, but I can only take rubbish ones on my phone camera!

I don’t tend to pre-order books or films, I just wait until they come out (and usually wait until the price has gone down a bit because I am a poor student, ha). The only book that I have ever pre-ordered is Harry Potter & The Cursed Child which comes out on 31st July, and I’m SO DAMN EXCITED. (Pre-order the book now for only £10!)

My dream would be to own a house with a floor-to-ceiling library. How cool would that be?? You wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough space to store books, and there would be a huge comfy arm chair to read in. I want this SO MUCH. Life goal.

If I can, I’d would much rather read a book before I see its film adaptation. There are some exceptions, and there have been a LOT of times where I’ve seen the films first, but generally I prefer to read a book with my own images of characters and settings in my head.

One thing that I find so relaxing is reading a book on the beach. It’s funny because I usually don’t like the beach very much, but if I can get under an umbrella in the shade (having a vampire-like skin tone makes me burn in 4 seconds), lie down and get my Kindle out, I could lie there and read for hours.


A very common opinion that I also share: I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE FOLD PAGES. Gahhhhhh. Get a bookmark!!!

I love ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style books, and they’re also super fun to write – I use a programme called Twine, which I’ll definitely be writing a blog post about soon!

I find it so frustrating when a new set of covers is released for a book series because if I love them and I already have the books, I want to buy them all again – an example of this is the newest Harry Potter designs which I ADORE SO MUCH. I love them.

Re-reading books is great, but sometimes I wish I could forget the whole book so I can relive ones that I loved reading the first time round. It’s not the same when you know what’s going to happen next!

Finally, I am more into reading at the moment than I have been for ages and I have this blog to thank for that! I’m so glad I started this blog because I’m so happy with the community and I’m so grateful that it’s got me back into reading again! <3


I’m not going to tag anyone in particular to do this, I just tag anyone who fancies writing a little bit about themselves!

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