My Stuff In Other Places

I’ve appeared in a few other places, including guest posts and features. I’ve listed them below – hopefully I haven’t forgotten any!

If you’d like me to write for you, please feel free to contact me.


Taskerly – I work as a virtual assistant with a wonderful team called Taskerly, and my face is on our website. See if you can spot me.

Daniel Ingram-Brown – I’ve worked with children’s author Dan on a few blog articles. I’d love to carry on when we’re both less busy!

Guest Posts (Date Order)

Cathy Cassidy’s Dreamcatcher – Dechox: A Month Without Chocolate! (25/02/15)

The Little Contemporary Corner – My Fictional Bucket List (26/04/16)

Cathy Cassidy’s Dreamcatcher – Where I Like to Read (26/05/2016)

One Colour at a Time – Why I Love Adult Colouring (04/10/2016)

A Slice of My Life Wales – Meet the Welsh Bloggers: Wonderfully Bookish (21/11/2016)

This Northern Gal – Life After Uni: Charlotte’s Story (05/05/2017)