The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion – Book Review

Jun 19, 2017 | Book Reviews

I recently read The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion (well, I listened to the audiobooks). I loved them – the characters, the story, everything about them. That meant that I had high expectations for Simsion’s next book. I was so happy to get a copy of The Best of Adam Sharp from NetGalley and I read it as soon as I downloaded it. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed!

I loved The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison, so I was excited to read The Best of Adam Sharp. It was very different, but I liked it! Here's my review.

On the cusp of turning fifty, Adam Sharp likes his life. He’s happy with his partner Claire, he excels in music trivia at quiz night at the local pub, he looks after his mother, and he does the occasional consulting job in IT.

But he can never quite shake off his nostalgia for what might have been: his blazing affair more than twenty years ago with an intelligent and strong-willed actress named Angelina Brown who taught him for the first time what it means to find—and then lose—love. How different might his life have been if he hadn’t let her walk away?

And then, out of nowhere, from the other side of the world, Angelina gets in touch. What does she want? Does Adam dare to live dangerously?

My Thoughts:
The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion

The Story

I’ve been reading a lot of fast-paced, action-filled, plot-twist-crazy books recently. In comparison, this one felt so calm. I worried that, because of this, it’d feel a bit slow and boring because it isn’t a book constantly filled with crazy things happening. On reflection, I realised not very much actually happens at all – but Simsion’s way of writing makes anything engaging. He could probably write out the dictionary and I’d read it cover to cover.

It’s very character-driven and we learn so much about them as people. It’s a tale of lost love and rekindling it again, heartache and bitter sweet memories. It’s not particularly a story I can relate to, as a 22-year-old who hasn’t experienced life-long love and marriage; but I loved reading the character’s stories all the same. It’s tense, dramatic and had me turning the pages so quickly to find out what happens next! I wanted each and every character to have the ending they deserved.

The Characters

One thing I love in books is characters who are three dimensional, so you can learn about their history and almost feel like you know them personally. In this book, Simsion has done that amazingly, even with the minor characters. Not a single character was brushed under the rug if they were important to the narrative. They each had their own story to tell, and I wanted to learn about all of them!

Final Thoughts

As I expected, this is another book by Graeme Simsion that I liked a lot. (Maybe not as much as The Rosie Project/Effect, because I adored those books. But this was still great.)

It’s not often that you get a good character-driven story that keeps you engaged even when there’s nothing crazy happening. I’m so used to reading YA rather than adult fiction, so it was refreshing to read something a bit different for a change!

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