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I have something a little bit different for you today. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I generally write about YA and adult fiction, but today I welcome my sister Emily as a guest to kick off the blog tour for the new children’s book, The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight by Helen and Thomas Docherty! Emily has just finished a degree in Primary Education (teaching children from ages 4-11), so I thought this blog tour would be perfect for her. So without further ado, I’ll hand over to Emily!

Note: I received this book from Faye Rogers PR in return for an honest review.


How do you tame a dragon? Just read him a story!

When Leo’s mum and dad pack him off to fight a dragon, he takes a shield, a sword – and a pile of his favourite books.

After all, surely even dragons can’t resist a good story?



Leo the mouse isn’t like the other knights. While they like fighting, he’d rather read a book. Leo’s parents are keen to turn him into a proper knight, so they pack him off on a mission to tame a dragon. But Leo knows that books are mightier than swords, and he tames not just the dragon, but a troll and a griffin, too – by reading them stories. With its witty rhyming text and glorious, detailed illustrations, THE KNIGHT WHO WOULDN’T FIGHT is a joyful, magical picture book about the power of stories.

The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight is a picture book, written by Helen Docherty and illustrated by Thomas Docherty. With beautiful artwork, a poetic writing style and a lovable hero, I fell in love with it as soon as I turned the first page!

The story follows Leo, a gentle mouse who spends all of his time reading books. Leo is not your traditional hero; he is tiny, quiet and… well, a mouse. But Leo comes from a family of knights, and according to his parents, “knights must fight!” Leo tries to understand why, but all he wants to do is read. After spotting an advert in a magazine telling him that a dragon needs taming, Leo is encouraged by his parents to go. With all of his great books in tow, he tames not just the dragon, but a troll and a griffin, too – by reading them stories and making friends with some of the scariest mythical creatures in the land.

The writing style used by Helen Docherty in this book is catchy and poetic. The entire story is told through rhyme, which is very fun to read – and from my experience, kids always love a rhyming story. The theme throughout of using books to make friends and enjoying the adventures is very unique for a children’s book, and might encourage young people to follow Leo and pick up a book. This could start discussions about the books, what mythical creatures you might read them to and how you could make friends with it!

My favourite part of this book is the fantastic illustrations that really bring the magic to life. The rhyming structure makes it feel like a traditional fairy tale and encourages children (and adults!) to read with speed and suspense. The themes of books and friendship are wonderful to read in a children’s picture book and could be used as the starting point for many great discussions with children. The book shows us that whether you’re small and quiet or huge and tough, the power of stories and a good conversation can bring everybody together – at least for a little while.

I have nothing bad to say about this book at all. I enjoyed the adventure from cover to cover and I think it would be a fantastic book to read to children. I would recommend it for an age group of 3-7; although it is a fun book that anyone is bound to fall in love with.



About the Author & Illustrator

Helen Docherty is the author of THE SNATCHABOOK and ABRACAZEBRA. Helen lives in Swansea with her husband, Thomas, and their two daughters.

Thomas Docherty is the acclaimed illustrator of THE SNATCHABOOK, ABRACAZEBRA and THE SNORGH AND THE SAILOR. He was shortlisted for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal.

Helen: Website  ●  Twitter
Thomas: Website  ●  Twitter


The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight is released on 4th August 2016 and you can view or purchase the book at the links below!

Amazon   ●  Goodreads

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