Welcome to the guided tour of my bookshelf!

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Sometimes I enjoy being nosy. I think everyone does. People like to watch room tours, daily videos of people’s lives and all sorts on YouTube, and one thing that I like to watch and read is bookshelf tours. I just love knowing which books people read, how many they own, and how they organise them. In this post, I’m going to jump on this bandwagon and give you a guided tour of my bookshelves. Enjoy!

Meet my bookshelf in all its glory…

whole shelf

I love the tiny bunting along the top, which I made myself. I was bored one day when I was in my student house at uni and decided to make something cute to decorate my shelves. It somehow survived the 4-hour train journey home in one piece! You may also be able to tell that I’ve tried to organise a couple of shelves by colour. I really like the way it looks – it’s just so nice to look at (but a nightmare to but new books away when they don’t fit). Let’s go into my shelf in more detail, starting from the top!

The Top Shelf


On top of my bookshelf I have my Harry Potter box set (it’s empty – the books are out on another shelf, which I’ll show you soon). There’s an adorable but falling-apart box set of Winnie the Pooh books which my sister and I have had since we were tiny. I then have a vanilla reed diffuser which is running out and smells a lot like vanilla yoghurt. Finally, there’s a Mike Wazowski wine glass that has never come out of its wrapping because I’m too scared of breaking it. On the first proper shelf I have all my hardback books, including a few autobiographies and novels. Last of all, there’s my Pixar box set (one of my favourite things), Disney and Pixar concept art postcards (also my favourite things), and Mickey Mouse next to the Eiffel Tower that I got in Disneyland Paris.

The Blue Shelf


This is one of my prettiest shelves – I love the colours! Here I have all of my blue, greenish and black books. There’s also ‘The Future of Modern Policing’ by Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes, and my Studio Ghibli Collection DVDs. I love the decorations on this shelf too; the colours match perfectly. I have my passport in its passport cover I won in Abbey’s giveaway and I LOVE IT. I then have that little china pot (I can’t remember where it’s from) and a bottle of sand from my holiday a few years ago in Gran Canaria. On the other end is my Mike Wazowksi Disney Traditions figure from my wonderful friend Sophie (who also writes about books here).

The Other Colours & Doctor Who/Torchwood Shelf


This is a great shelf too in terms of colour (just not as nice as the one above). I tried to gradient the colours as much as I could here – I tried my best, okay! My yellow corner is complete with my Wreck This Journal Everywhere and a Welsh dictionary (I studied A Level Welsh). It’s also the home of a few Harry Potter bits – my Marauder’s Map mug from the Warner Bros Studio Tour, and a Hufflepuff coaster. There’s also usually a Hufflepuff bookmark that I made myself, but it’s currently in a book. The other side is my big purple candle and a teeny tiny kangaroo eraser.

The Mismatched & Series Shelf


Here we have the shelf for two opposite types of books: the ones that belong in a series, and the outsiders that don’t belong anywhere. When looking through other bookish Instagram pictures, a big no-go for me is when people split up series to organise them by colour. HOW COULD YOU??! How could you rip them away from their families?! To stop this pain from happening I just decided to have a shelf for series, to keep them all in their communities. They cheer up the outsiders that don’t belong in any colour group, and that’s why the shelf looks a bit mismatched. Also on this shelf is a load of notebooks and planners, a giant dinosaur foot mug from the Disney Store (as much as people hate The Good Dinosaur, I adored it) and a Graduation Bear from Edge Hill University. <3

The Rachel Caine Shelf


Can you tell who one of my favourite authors is? Nah, nor can I. This entire shelf is full of Rachel Caine books, and most of them are the same series. I love The Morganville Vampires series, hence having all 16 books. The final one, Midnight Bites, is signed – you can read about my evening with Rachel Caine here. There’s another series of hers there too, but I haven’t read it yet. I really need to get round to it! The books at the end of this shelf (and the random blue one on top) are are a few uni books that I’m trying to sell – apart from the black one on the very end which I’m going to keep forever because it was literally my bible for my dissertation. Finally, the little tin says “Can’t-Be-Bothered-to-Cook Fund” and it’s full to the top with random change. In fact, I counted it up a while ago and there’s exactly £2.57. Wonder what I can afford with that?

The Best Shelf Ever (The Harry Potter Shelf)


The glorius, the mighty, the Harry Potter shelf. Here I have all 7 books from the box set (remember I mentioned the empty box set on the top shelf? This is where the books have escaped to). On top, there is the collection of extra books – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and a random quiz book I got from a charity shop. Then sitting majestically on top is the Golden Snitch. In front there’s my chocolate frog and Dumbledore chocolate frog card, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and a Hufflepuff postcard. To finish it all off I decorated the shelf rather badly in some snazzy gold paper. It looks tacky as heck, but I love it.

And that’s it!

What did you think of my bookshelf tour? If you’ve written or filmed a bookshelf tour please send it to me, I’d love to see it!

Also, if you’re feeling super nosy or interested and want me to write a list of every book I have on my shelf, I’m up for the challenge. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that.

I loved writing this post so I’ll probably write ones like this more often!

See you next time,

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