Theatre Review: Casanova (Northern Ballet)

May 12, 2017 | Theatre & Events

Have you ever been to see a ballet? The atmosphere in the theatre is so different to any other show. It almost feels a bit more elite, like I’m too common to be there! That’s how I felt when I went to see Casanova at Cardiff’s New Theatre, performed by Northern Ballet.

I won tickets to see Casanova in Cardiff, performed by Northern Ballet. Here's my review, and the trailer if you want to see it yourself.

It’s not a show I’d usually go and see, but I was so lucky to win 2 tickets! I was so excited, and it was the most spontaneous theatre trip I’ve been on – the tickets were for 2 days’ time. When we got there, I had no idea what tickets we had. So when I collected the tickets and we found out we were only a few rows from the stage, we were amazed!

The funny thing with ballet is that if you don’t know the story, you have to work it out. In the Telegraph’s review, they said, “Casanova’s adventures do not give themselves easily to a clearly defined narrative. What we get instead are selected episodes, ranging from a Venetian masquerade to Casanova’s imprisonment by the Inquisition and his cruel humiliation at the hands of his Enlightenment idol Voltaire.” These events were conveyed in a way that kept me engaged and I didn’t lose track of the story. It was easy to follow, which for a ballet newbie like me is much appreciated!

The dancers were stunning. How are all ballet dancers beautiful as well as incredibly talented?! We took a particular liking to the dancer playing Casanova, the title character. (Okay, we had a massive crush on him.) I’ve seen a couple of ballets now, and the ballet in this one was probably the best I’ve seen. I’m hardly a ballet expert, but of all the ballets I’ve seen, it was the one that caught my attention the most and had me staring at their every move.

Another thing that really impressed me was the set. In the first act, it was comprised of three massive pillars with intricate detail, that moved forwards and backwards in between scenes. They were so huge and imposing, and it really gave the whole show a sense of place. I could imagine the Italian setting, just from those three pillars! Along with other beautifully lit set pieces and gorgeous props and costumes, it was just beautiful to look at.

You can see the pillars in the background, and the amazing detail in the set pieces. (Source)

I’m so happy that I won the tickets, because I wouldn’t have seen this show otherwise. I’m so glad we got to see it. It really deserved the standing ovation it got from the whole audience!

Have you been to see a ballet in the theatre? Tell me your ballet experiences!

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