Book Review: Cocktails & Dreams by A. L. Michael (Blog Tour)

Jul 30, 2017 | Blog Tours, Book Reviews, Books

This is probably the weirdest place to be writing a blog post. Because I’m the most disorganised blogger in the world, I’m currently writing this while on the bus to YALC. Hey, a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do!

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Cocktails and Dreams, the first in the brand new Martini Club series by A. L. Michaels. Here’s my review!


I was seven years old when I realized my mother was not a great person…

Since Savvy was abandoned by her rockstar mother, she has craved a normal life. But after years of financing her boyfriend’s lacklustre career, he leaves her when he hits the bigtime.

Savvy’s friends at the burlesque club where she serves elaborate cocktails encourage her to make bold changes in her life. She soon meets handsome bartender Milo, and begins to plan a future she can be excited about.

But when Savvy’s estranged mother crashes back into her life, her newfound happiness is under threat… will Savvy have the courage to pursue her dreams?

First Reactions

When I said I’d review this book, I had no idea what it was going to be about. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to go into a new book without any preconceptions (before I knew the title, I wasn’t even sure which genre it’d be!). Turns out it’s kind of a lighthearted chicklit which isn’t always my genre of choice, but sometimes it’s great to read some lighthearted and fun. This definitely was!

The Story

At the beginning of the book, we discover that Savvy, the main character, doesn’t have a very positive relationship with her mother (Persephone Black, a famous rock star who couldn’t really care less about her daughter). We see the repercussions of this throughout the whole book, and we realise it’s actually affected Savvy pretty badly.

As an adult, Savvy doesn’t seem to having the best luck. Her boyfriend of nine years, an almost-famous DJ and reality star, leaves her and she’s distraught – but soon enough, she finds comfort and excitement in a brand new hobby that gives her a whole new breath of fresh air. I felt so glad that she found her calling and she seemed so happy doing it! It showed that everyone, no matter how much they’ve had to go through or how long they’ve had to wait, gets their chance at happiness.

Character Development

It was really lovely to see Savvy go from being a doormat who let people walk all over her, to a strong woman who’d do anything she needs to make her happy! I hated seeing her so invested in an incredibly unhealthy relationship and I felt so glad when she got out of it. It took her a while to adjust but when she did, she was so much better for it!

The biggest development, though, was Persephone Black – Savvy’s mother. I won’t say too much, but she makes some good decisions later on in the book which made me have at least a little bit of respect for her. Their relationship is like a rollercoaster, but like in any happy chicklit book, most things work themselves out in the end.

Final Thoughts

If you love a fun, sweet book full of charm and great characters, this is the book for you. It teaches us that we should all have our dreams and we definitely shouldn’t let anything (or anyone) get in the way!

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