My review of Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan.

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First class psychological suspense from a major new voice in fiction

Margot Lewis is the agony aunt for The Cambridge Examiner. Her advice column, Dear Amy, gets all kinds of letters – but none like the one she’s just received:

‘Dear Amy,
I don’t know where I am. I’ve been kidnapped and am being held prisoner by a strange man. I’m afraid he’ll kill me.
Please help me soon,
Bethan Avery’

Bethan Avery has been missing for years. This is surely some cruel hoax. But, as more letters arrive, they contain information that was never made public. How is this happening? Answering this question will cost Margot everything…

Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan: Review

Note: I received this book as an ARC from Penguin UK – Michael Joseph through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Recently I’ve loved reading mystery thrillers. I think it started when I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn a few weeks ago. I enjoy the feeling of reading a psychological thriller, trying to work out the mystery alongside the characters. Dear Amy was no exception. After I turned the last page, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The story follows Margot, a high school teacher and agony aunt for a column entitled “Dear Amy”, in Cambridge’s local newspaper. She begins to receive mysterious letters from someone called Bethan Avery – a girl who went missing in the late 1990s. The letters are a plea for help, asking Margot to help free her from her captor. The story that unfolds spirals Margot’s life out of control, leading to a shocking twist of events. It all happened so quickly that I read back over certain parts to make sure I’d read it properly.

“The resolution seemed a little too far-fetched… [but] I loved it despite possibly being unrealistic.”

I’d seen a couple of reviews where readers stated that they guessed half-way through what was going to happen, and how the twist ending would play out. I’m not sure if I’m just inexperienced with this genre or if I wasn’t guessing hard enough, but I had no idea how the story would unfold!

I’m not entirely sure if the resolution would happen in real life, but even so, the way the story was written was gripping and had me racing through each page. The resolution seemed a little too far-fetched (the protagonist thought this too). However, as it was explained, we were given a lot of backstory to show how the resolution worked out. I loved it despite possibly being unrealistic.

If you love mystery thrillers and want something new to read that grips you and doesn’t let you go till the very end, I’d 100% recommend Dear Amy.




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Dear Amy is out today, so get your copy now on Amazon!

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