Ep. 03: LGBT & Humour in Young Adult Fiction with Simon James Green

Oct 15, 2018 | Podcast

In This Episode…

In this episode, I chat with Simon James Green, author of Noah Can’t Even. We discuss why LGBT and humour are important in YA fiction, especially today, and the upcoming Proud anthology, in which Simon features with his short story about gay penguins.

We also discuss Noah Can’t Even being adapted into a TV show, whether YA fiction is inclusive enough yet despite the rise in LGBT themes, and what’s next on the cards for Simon.

About the Guest

Simon James Green is the author of YA novels Noah Can’t Even and Noah Could Never, published by Scholastic. His short story, Penguins, will also appear in the forthcoming Proud anthology, published by Stripes in March next year. Noah Can’t Even is currently in development for TV with Urban Myth Films.

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