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I’ve always liked writing for as long as I can remember; when I was a kid I would write stories for hours (you can even read one that I wrote when I was 11 here), and as a teenager I loved writing fan fiction. However, I haven’t written anything for ages and recently I’ve had a massive urge to get back into it again, so that’s what I’m going to do!

Ultimately, I’d love to write a novel. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but never even started planning it. I’ve had ideas, but none of them have amounted to anything. One way I thought I might finally achieve this is to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. It’s far enough away for me to be able to come up with an idea and fully plan it out before the challenge starts.

I’m going to be writing short stories, too. I have so many ideas that would be great as short stories, and I can create a little anthology of them! I also have short film scripts that I’ve written for my degree over the past three years, so I’m going to take those scripts and see how they work if I turn them into short stories instead. I’ve already started one and I’m excited to finish it (I might even share them on this blog if anyone’s interested in reading them).

As a challenge I may even take my story that I wrote when I was 11 and turn it into a more adult version. I adored the story I created so it would be cool to see how it would work now, with a much more mature writing style. The ultimate thing that I want to do when writing a story is to create my own fictional world – I love the idea of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world as something she can constantly expand upon and grow.

Do you like to write or do have any writing tips? Let me know! Also don’t hesitate to share your blog posts on writing or links to your work in the comments, I’d love to read them.

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