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I’m so happy today – my dissertation is finished!!! This is the final assignment of my whole degree and tomorrow I’m going to hand it in. Do you know what this means? I can devote ALL of my time to reading and blogging!

My issue now is that, because I’ve been so busy for months and I’ve barely had time to read anything, I need to get back into the habit of picking up a book when I have some free time. My TBR list is HUGE so I need to start getting through it. In this post I thought I’d write a list of how to read more, to help myself and you!


read in bed

Read before bed. Even if you only read for ten minutes before you feel tired, it’s better than nothing. Or, make sure you go to bed a bit earlier so you can make time to read.


Bored? Pick up a book! Instead of turning on the TV or sitting around wondering what to do, read a book. This might keep you entertained for hours! An important thing to note here is motivation – sometimes turning on the TV or watching a film seems like the favourable option because it’s so easy to do. But try and stay motivated; once you’ve read the first couple of pages I bet you’ll be hooked.


Read while travelling. A long train journey is a great time to read (I have a four-hour journey today so my book will be my saviour), or even just reading a few pages on a bus journey helps to pass the time. This is where a Kindle or e-reader can come in useful. It’s so much easier to pop an e-reader in your bag or your pocket than lug a book around. (Keep an eye out for an e-reader/physical book comparison post coming soon!)


Take a couple of books on holiday. Holidays are a great time to read, especially if you’re in a place where you can lie by the pool or on the beach. I find that reading on the beach is so relaxing and I can do it for ages. Again, if you’re going abroad and you have limited packing space, consider taking an e-reader with you instead of physical books – or you could always try and squeeze some physical books in!

keep a book with you

Always carry a book/e-reader with you. Sometimes you may find that you have a few minutes with nothing to do; a break at work, time while you wait for transport, or whatever it may be. Keeping a book or an e-reader with you means that if you have an unexpected break, you can grab your book and read a few pages.


Listen to audiobooks. Some people don’t class listening to audiobooks as reading, but why shouldn’t it be? You still consume a book even if it isn’t by physically reading it! Listening to an audiobook is a handy way to “read” at times when you can’t get out a physical book – for example, while you’re on the go, gardening or cooking. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a story rather than listening to music.


I hope this helps someone – I definitely try to stick to these myself and recently I’ve found myself reading a lot more than I used to. Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments!

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