This month’s theme: Self-Care

My Favourite Sunday Rituals

I don’t tend to have specific rituals that I do every Sunday, but I guess a lot of Sundays are pretty similar. Seeing as it’s Sunday today, I’ll just describe my day…

  • Woke up pretty early because my brain is kind of wired now to wake up before 9am
  • Started a new book and read 15% of it
  • Watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother (me and my sister are currently watching it from the beginning on Netflix), and right now I’m catching up on a few YouTube videos while I write this
  • Later on, I’ll probably just read some more. I love lazy Sundays!

Places I Would Live If I Could

  • I’d love to experience living in London, but I don’t think I could live there for too long. It’s far too busy for me but I’d love the experience of living there temporarily!
  • In the country, in a cute cottage that I could make homely with throws and pillows and fairy lights (but nowhere too out of the way – somewhere close to civilisation.
  • Another country. How cool would it be to experience living in another country for a while, learning about the new culture and seeing a whole new country? It’d have to be a primarily English-speaking country though.

My Favourite Teachers

  • I actually can’t think of any from school?! I guess my RE teacher from the beginning of high school, just because she was always so happy and lovely.
  • In uni, my Film and TV History tutor Elke. She’s SO NICE and was always there to give me support. She ran this thing where we could be student mentors, answering any questions that Freshers may have via email, and as a training/team building exercise she took us on a treasure hunt around Liverpool. As a thank you for taking part she bought us all books for our course. She’s amazing!

My Biggest Regrets This Year

  • I don’t have any!

If a Genie Granted Me 3 Wishes

  • I wish I had unlimited money to buy books so I could buy every book in the world that I want to read
  • I can read fast already (I can easily get through a book in a day) but I wish I could read even faster. Like, I’m talking 3 books a day or something. Imagine how quickly I could get through my books I need to read if I wanted to? Someone could ask me to review their book and I could read it in 2 hours and get the review up THAT DAY. Imagine that?
  • I wish I didn’t find it so hard to get the motivation to exercise. I’d love to be able to go out and run or join a gym but I’m so unfit and slightly lazy and it just takes so much effort. Also, when I run I die after 3 minutes so it would be great if that didn’t happen.

Ways I am Unique

  • In a lot of ways, it is impossible for me to be unique because I am an identical twin. I can NEVER be truly unique because I’m literally a biological clone.
  • (Also I’m really struggling to come up with ways I could be. I’m quite boring, really.)

Songs I Adore

I don’t really adore many songs, I just enjoy some songs quite a lot. But I’ll just list a few songs I really like.

  • Most songs from McFly’s album Wonderland
  • The Heart Never Lies by McFly, especially when performed live
  • I just really love McFly