I’ll let you know something about me: I absolutely adore winter. As much as I enjoy the summer months too – the sunny weather, the long days and the opportunities to go out and do things outdoors without wearing a coat – but there’s just something about winter that makes it my favourite season of the year.

It’s So Cosy!

The biggest thing I love about the wintry season is the warmth – it’s officially the cosiest season of the year. I can think of nothing better than watching a festive film, curled up in a hoodie with snacks and hot chocolate. If I could do it every day of the year then I definitely would! It’s even better closer to Christmas when you can sit amongst the decorations and the lights and get into a wonderfully festive mood!

Winter Weather

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I also love winter weather. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s horrible having to go outside in it when there’s no other option. It’s when I wish I could drive so I don’t have to walk to a lecture in the pouring rain. But when you’re indoors with the rain is hitting against the windows and the wind is rustling through the trees, it’s so comforting. I love the sound of the rain, and I adore the thought of knowing that I’m wrapped up in my bed rather than outdoors. It’s just so snug and warm!

Festive Food

The next best thing is the food. The best kind of meal is a warm, wintry, comforting meal when the weather outside is awful. Something like a roast dinner with gravy or a cottage pie is adorably cosy in the cold winter months! Winter also means it’s closer to Christmas, and you can eat everything without being judges. Christmas calories don’t count, after all. (I wish.)


Finally, the biggest reason I love winter… it’s the festive season, my favourite time of the year! I’m such a massive fan of Christmas. Not only Christmas day, but the whole festive period leading up to it. The decorations and lights, everyone being in a good mood, and gifts. I love giving gifts as much as receiving them. It’s great to see people’s reactions when they open something you’ve got for them! I love making people presents (as a broke student it’s a great way of saving money)! When people love something you’ve spent a few hours making them, it feels so special that they appreciate it.

And then, of course, there’s Christmas day itself – the best day of the whole year – and two days after is my birthday. This year is my 21st, and I am so excited to celebrate it! (Although I’m definitely not so excited to grow up. I don’t want to be an adult!)


Over to you!

What do you love about winter? Are there things that you love that I’ve forgotten to mention? Let me know and spread the festive cheer! Oh, and by the way – it’s only 16 days till Christmas!!!