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Oct 17, 2018 | Books

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post all about my favourite pretty book covers. I’m always unashamed to admit that I judge books by their covers, because really… who doesn’t?! I know I tend to sway towards covers that I think look amazing, whether I’m buying books online or in the shop, because that’s generally how our minds work.

I thought that today, I’d share a few more of my favourite book covers and see if my tastes have changed since my first post! Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite book covers of recent releases.


The Secret Deep by Lindsay Galvin


I haven’t read this book and I don’t own a copy, but every single time I see it in Waterstones or online, I’m drawn to the cover. I just love how whimsical it feels, and it also incorporates all of my favourite colours into one beautiful cover. This is one of those that I’d love as a print on my wall! Maybe I should buy a copy next time I pop into Waterstones, just so I can stare lovingly at the cover.


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


I think I must just really love blue book covers, because this one is as blue as you can get! I haven’t read any of Laini Taylor’s books yet, and I think the main reason is because I’m a bit intimidated by quite high fantasy books. However, I did recently spend an Audible credit on the audiobook of Strange the Dreamer, and I hope I fall in love with it as much as I have with its cover!


State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury


Uh… noticing a trend yet? I think I’m definitely seeing a pattern here! The cover of State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury brings together similar colours to The Secret Deep, and I’m clearly a big fan of that colour scheme. This is another one that I’d love to have on my wall, and also another one that I haven’t read yet because I’m a little intimidated by fantasy. I’ll be giving this one a go soon, though, because Melinda Salisbury is a gem and I love her.


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers


This book isn’t necessarily a recent release, but the third book in the series has recently come out, so this counts, right?! I’m choosing this one instead of the most recent because it was the cover the originally drew me to the series. I only bought it a few months ago though ready to take to YALC so I could get it signed by the author. I’m yet to read this (surprise, surprise) but it’s very high on my TBR! I adore anything to do with space, and YA space books are my jam, so this cover is perfect for me.


The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James


Oh look, another blue one! One of my favourite books this year was The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James, and I got it signed at YALC this year. Lauren James announced there that her new book would be called The Quiet at the End of the World, and she unveiled this beyond beautiful cover. It’s one of those covers where you longer you look at it, the more you notice (and the more beautiful it becomes). I can’t wait to read this, but sadly, it doesn’t come out until March 2019 so there’s a while to wait yet!


So, there we go. I did this to see if there’s a trend in the covers I’m drawn to, and it seems that the biggest trend is that they have to be blue! I know I have a lot of blue books on my shelf already, but I didn’t realise I’m attracted to them this much. 😀


What are your favourite book covers? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments. 🙂

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