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Yesterday I spontaneously decided to hop on a bus and go to Southport, the nearest beach town to where I currently live. The weather was amazing for the second day running so I really didn’t want to miss it! I walked through a huge park, walked to the end of the pier (Southport pier goes on for miles), and had some lunch in a cute cafe overlooking the sea right at the end of the pier. I also sat down in a little park with a bandstand and a fountain and read a couple of chapters of Relativity by Antonia Hayes, which inspired me to write this post: my favourite places to read.


Taken on my trip to Southport yesterday!

A park is a great place to read. You can sit on a bench, lie on the grass, or hell, why not even read on the swings?! You can read in the shade or in the sun (my preference is the shade because my vampire-like skin burns in seconds) and it’s even better if there’s an ice cream van there – just try not to get ice cream on your book!

Another place I love to read is the beach. It’s funny because I’m usually not a fan of the beach, but if I take a blanket and a parasol (for the whole ‘skin burning as easily as toast’ thing), I can happily lie there for hours and read a book. The sound of the sea is just so calming. It’s especially good if there are local amenities nearby like a shop or a food stand (or another ice cream van) so you can nip across and grab anything you need and get straight back to your book.

Finally, there’s no better place than right at home! At home you have a vast array of reading choices – lie in bed, curl up on the sofa, even lie on the floor if that’s your thing. You’ve got your bookshelf right there in case you finish a book and want to go straight on to a new one like the keen bean you are, and the kitchen is a few steps away for drinks and snacks. (There’s also no chance of sunburn at home which for me is always a plus. Maybe even the ice cream van will come round. If you can’t tell, I like ice cream vans.)

Where do you like to read? Let me know in the comments!

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