What I'm currently watching on Netflix

As well as books, I really love watching TV shows. I often prefer them to films. With TV, you can have hours to extend the story  rather than fitting everything into a couple of hours. It was great doing a degree in Film & TV Production because it gave me an excuse to watch loads of TV “to study the cinematography and how it’s made”!

In this post I’ll summarise everything I’m watching at the moment on Netflix, whether they’re re-watches or new shows. If you need some recommendations, I’d definitely recommend most of these!

orphan black

Orphan Black is currently my favourite TV show of all time EVER. I just love it so much. Sarah (in the picture above) sees someone commit suicide by jumping in front of a train – and the woman looks exactly the same as her. Sarah steals her identity and takes over her life, finding out things that will change her life forever. The biggest news is that she is one of several clones! The characters are all so great, and the stories are so well-written. Things that happened briefly in early episodes reappear much, much later. I could just gush and fangirl about Orphan Black all day, but I’ll stop for now before it gets annoying. I’d highly recommend it. Please watch it.

breaking bad

I watched all of Breaking Bad when it become popular in the UK a few years ago. I watched the final season as it appeared episode-by-episode on Netflix. It’s easily one of my favourite TV shows because of the way it’s made, and the acting is perfect. There isn’t a single bad actor in the entire cast. In case you don’t know, Breaking Bad is about Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cook after he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. It sounds depressing as hell, but it’s SO good. Another one I’d highly recommend!


Orange is the New Black is about Piper Chapman, a New Yorker who is sent to prison for 15 months for being a drug mule. I haven’t been getting into Orange is the New Black recently as much as I did in the first and second seasons. The third season last year just wasn’t the best, and the new season is taking me forever to watch. It’s a lot better than last year, but for some reason, it’s just taking me ages to get through it. Maybe I’ll just binge it one day and finish it. I’ve already seen a massive spoiler which is annoying! Recommended if you love strong female characters and pretty good LGBT representation.


I was turned off watching Pretty Little Liars for so long because it seemed like a typical teen drama that I would find a bit cheesy. I gave it a go and watched the first episode, and my judgement was confirmed. Certain elements were SO cheesy. I saw promise in the story though so I stuck with it and now I’m on season 5, ha. It’s actually pretty good and the mysteries keep you watching. It’s about a clique of popular high school girls who are shocked when their friend Alison is missing for a year and assumed dead. The girls are still haunted by constant messages signed by ‘A’. They must try and work out who this ‘A’ is who is tormenting them before things go too far. Recommended if you like teen or young adult dramas and creepy mysteries.


Sense8 is the most recent Netflix show I’ve started watching. I’ve only seen the first episode so far but I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to watch more! It’s a bit difficult to explain what it’s about because I haven’t watched very much, but as the very trustworthy Wikipedia states: ‘Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected – first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions, and finally by the urgent need to find out what happened and why.’ It’s very intriguing and the acting has been pretty good so far.


What are you currently loving on Netflix? I’m always up for recommendations to add to my massive to-watch list. It’s seriously like books, the pile keeps growing and growing but I ALWAYS want recommendations!

Let me know if you take on any of my suggestions and start watching them, I’m always happy to have TV discussions. You can tweet me at @WBookishBlog if you fancy a proper discussion!

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