New Author Spotlight #5: Jennifer Hodgeson

Jun 28, 2017 | New Author Spotlight

It's time for another New Author Spotlight ! This time I'm featuring Jennifer Hodgeson, author of 'The Ups, Downs & AHA! Moments Of Your Journey'.

Welcome to the New Author Spotlight series! Each week, I’ll shine the spotlight on a brand new author. They’ll tell you a bit about themselves and their books, and I’ll share the links where you can find out more about them. You never know – you might find a new favourite!

This week’s guest is Jennifer Hodgeson, author of self-help book The Ups, Downs & AHA! Moments Of Your Journey: Connecting The Spirit, Mind & Body. Over to you, Jennifer!

The Ups, Downs & AHA! Moments Of Your Journey:
Connecting The Spirit, Mind & Body

by Jennifer Hodgeson

Jennifer Hodgson has always been using her abilities which started when she was very young. It wouldn’t be until May, 2010, after an investigation when her life would begin to change forever.

As her own personal journey began and her abilities grew so did the number of others asking for her help. They were not only asking for help with the spirits they had in their home but they wanted help with their own personal journeys.

Not only do you get assistance with exploring your own path, she also takes you for a look inside at some of the investigations and experiences she’s had both personally and with her group Professional Paranormal Investigations.

Jennifer invites you to begin your own life journey by reading “The Ups, Downs and AHA! Moments of Your Journey: Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body”.

Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: CreateSpace

A Bit About Jennifer & Her Book

What do you think is the hardest part of writing a book?

For me it was deciding what to put into the book, deciding what pictures to use and explaining the process in a way that would be easy for others to understand and be able to do.

What kind of things inspire you on a day to day basis?

There are many things that inspire me from pictures that I see, to dreams that I have, investigations I have done, my own journey, vacations that I have taken, such as Ireland and Scotland.


You can buy a copy of Jennifer’s book on Amazon.

Thanks to Christine for taking part in the series, and thanks to you for reading! There will be a New Author Spotlight post every Wednesday. Click here to read the previous post in the series. 🙂

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