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You’ve probably forgotten all about this blog. I don’t mind, though; I don’t blame you. We kind of just… disappeared. Not on purpose though, I promise!

Over the past month or so things have been a bit hectic (it’s annoying when that little thing called life gets in the way). With a heap of uni work, film production planning, wondering what to do with my life (leading to a couple of near existential crises) as well as all the other regular things life throws our way, sadly this blog has been pushed to the back of the shelf for a while.

BUT… now that I think I have everything under control (think is the important word here – who knows what else could come flying my way) I’m ready to come back and start blogging again! I do love a bit of blogging.

However, I have been debating a certain issue with myself. Lately I’ve been thinking of a lot of blog post ideas that aren’t necessarily about books, and because this is a book blog, I can’t really post them here. So – I’m wondering whether to remodel this blog to be a general, all-purpose blog (including travel, every day life, cookery, etc) – or should this remain wonderfullybookish and I can set up a blog on the side for everything else? It’s such a hard decision for someone as indecisive as I am! My big issue at the moment is that I’m simply not reading enough, and because my third-year uni work is more important, I’m not getting enough bookish inspiration to keep up a blog just dedicated to books and reading. If I made this an all-purpose blog instead, I could completely remodel it and I wouldn’t have to try and run two blogs – all my bookish posts will just be in with the other posts!

What do you think I should do? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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