If you’ve read some of my other blog tour posts, you may have seen my wonderful twin sister Emily review some books for me! Emily is a primary school teaching assistant, so she LOVES children’s books. That means she’s my go-to person to review them, so she’s here again today to review another one! Today’s blog tour is for Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane by Caroline Baxter. Over to you, Emily!

My sister Emily is back with another review of a children's picture book - Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane by Caroline Baxter!

Join Pilot Jane, a fun and fearless airline captain, as she travels the world with her best friend Rose, a high-speed passenger jet. Together Jane and Rose have exciting adventures and form a perfect team, delivering their passengers safely to destinations as far afield as Alaska and Australia.

But when disaster strikes and Rose falls ill, Jane is paired with ‘lean, mean flying machine’ Mighty Mitch. Can she still get the Queen to her party on time? Featuring a clever and courageous heroine, this action-packed rhyming story celebrates ‘Girl Power’ and shows what you can achieve if you work together. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for take-off!

Review: Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane by Caroline Baxter

Review by Emily Clark

As a Teaching Assistant in a primary school, I believe that good books are a hugely important part of every child’s life. As well as effective writing, an interesting plot and appealing pictures, children’s books can do a lot more than simply help a child to read. ‘Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane’ just about does it all.

Jane, the hero of our story, is a daring and determined pilot who travels the world with her trusty companion, Rose the cool pink plane. Spanning countries and continents, the bold duo encounter many adventures while encouraging the spirit of “girl power forever!” Pilot Jane and Rose the plane’s world tour is documented with a series of passport-like stamps on every page, which could be a very good starting point for geographical understanding. As well as teaching children about the countries around the world, the beautiful illustrations show the landmarks that you’d be able to see if you went there. I think illustrations are a vital part of children’s stories, and these pictures are so bright and bold that any child would be engrossed!

After a celebration of Jane and Rose’s success, followed by generous helpings of ‘cake fuel’, the duo receives the news that a very special person will be boarding their plane tomorrow… they will need to prepare for royalty! But suddenly, realising that cake fuel was not the best option, Rose’s insides begin to splutter… will Jane and her plane be able to make it for their royal arrival? And will Rose’s stand-in, the Mighty Mitch, succeed in his colossal task?

The story is written in rhyme so it reads like a poem. This makes the pace fast and intriguing, but also like many other children’s books I’ve read in the past. It makes it hard to remember the last picture book I read that wasn’t written in rhyme, but this doesn’t really detract from the plot of the story. This could also be used to its advantage to study different writing styles, and perhaps encourage children to write their own poem about their favourite mode of transport! Would they have a spangly pink train or a magnificent sea-green hovercar? After all, the imagination is endless!

All in all, ‘Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane’ is a fantastic picture book. Its story becomes tense and thrilling. Its female hero and essence of girl power could certainly appeal to girls, but the planes, the amazing Mighty Mitch and the action-packed storyline could get the boys reading, too! The illustrations are bold and colourful, perfect for any child. This book offers so many opportunities for reading and learning in lots of areas. Jane and Rose’s heroism is definitely to be admired, just like this wonderful book. I wonder where our daring duo will fly off to next?

About the Author

Caroline Baxter lives in Oxford with her husband and two young children. From an early age she always had her nose in a book – and now does so for a living! Caroline grew up in South Wales and, after graduating with a BA in English Literature from Cardiff University, held a variety of management roles at UK universities including, most recently, at the University of Oxford. The Bear Cub Bakers, her first book, was written while on maternity leave with her daughter. Her second book,Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane, was published recently on International Women’s Day (8 March 2017). Caroline loves travelling, yoga, baking (and eating) cake, dogs, days out and snuggling up with a good story.

You can buy a copy Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane on Amazon* or read more about it on Goodreads!


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