Pokémon: Let’s Go! – My Thoughts as a Pokemon Newbie

Jan 4, 2019 | Technology & Games

I don’t write about games a lot on this blog, but when I get so into a game that I can’t stop playing it and then think about what I’m going to do next in the game when I’m not playing it, I know it’s something I like enough to write about.

My sister and I bought a Nintendo Switch in the Black Friday sale this year and I was so excited to get the new Pokemon game. Okay, I know I said in the title that I’m a Pokemon newbie, but I have played a couple of games and I have a favourite Pokemon (it’s a toss-up between Cyndaquil and Slowpoke, if you’re interested). I also really enjoyed Pokemon Go, so when I saw that Let’s Go was going to be a kind of crossover between Go and regular games, I was excited to give it a go.

Pokemon Let's Go - Eevee and Pikachu poster

I started the game on December 1st, and a few days ago after about 40 hours of gameplay, I completed the game. (The main portion of it anyway – I’ve still got the post-game stuff to do.) I’ve really loved it and it’s got me into Pokemon a lot more than I was before! It helps that I know first gen more than any of the others so I know all the Pokemon. I’ve just had so much fun playing it and it’s made me want to go back and play the rest of the games I have!


What’s the game like?

The game follows the same format at the rest of the games: catch all the Pokemon to fill your Pokedex, battle trainers, and defeat eight Gym leaders. But the way Let’s Go differs to regular Pokemon games is with its catching mechanics. It’s taken the way of catching new Pokemon from Go, and instead of battling every one you come across, you just throw the Pokeball at it like in Go. It makes walking around the map a hundred times easier – gone are the random encounters every five steps (at no point do I ever want to come across a rogue Rattata every time I step into a piece of grass or a flipping Zubat in every cave).

People (and by ‘people’, I mean Pokemon die-hard fanatics) have complained that the game is too ‘easy’, to ‘OP’, and way to quick to beat. That might be the case. But for someone like me who isn’t a hardcore gamer and likes to spend a couple of hours or even a few spare minutes playing something fun and relaxing, it’s perfect.


And what about for complete newbies who have never touched a Pokemon game before?

Again, fans of the games have said it’s not the best game to start off with as your introduction to the games because you’re missing out on the essence of what the games are all about. I completely disagree. As someone who hasn’t played a huge amount of Pokemon before, I absolutely love Let’s Go and I would totally recommend it to a complete newbie. It’s simple, fun, and great as a way to unwind.

If you’ve been considering Let’s Go, whether you’re a total novice or a Pokemon pro, just do it. If you’re worried it’ll suck compared to previous ‘main line’ games, put all that behind you, get rid of your expectations, and enjoy it for what it is. Okay, it might not join the ‘canon’ of the main line games (it is a basically a remake of gen 1, after all, just with a few tweaks and remastered 3D graphics), and I consider it to be a lot like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (bare with me on this one): people don’t necessarily class it as canon, but it’s wonderful for what it is: a extra bit of fun on the side.


Let’s chat!

I’d love to chat about this! Have you played Pokemon Let’s Go? If you have, were you a complete newbie or a regular Pokemon player? And finally, which version did you pick – Eevee or Pikahu? (I went with Eevee!)


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