The Greatest Showman: The Story, the Songs and the Mundane Protagonist

The Greatest Showman: The Story, the Songs and the Mundane Protagonist

This is the first post in my new cinema-inspired series and I can’t wait to get started! In these posts, I’m going to be discussing my opinions on today’s cinema. My goal this year is to see as much as many films as I can. In this series, I’ll be explaining my expectations of a film before I see it, before truthfully admitting my thoughts after I’ve seen it.

To find out more about this series, read my original post here.

The world has gone mad for Hugh Jackman's latest musical flick, The Greatest Showman - but here's a review from someone who wasn't quite such a huge fan.

Today, I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on the most popular musical since La La Land. It’s only February and I don’t think there can be a musical as big as this one for the rest of the year… it’s The Greatest Showman!

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t yet seen The Greatest Showman and you’re still trying to avoid spoilers, maybe don’t continue. This is unapologetically going to be full of them, otherwise I can’t get my point across.

ANOTHER WARNING: If you loved this film more than life itself, be wary when reading my opinions. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 Onwards!


CinemaScoop: Introduction(a.k.a. What the Heck is CinemaScoop?)

CinemaScoop: Introduction
(a.k.a. What the Heck is CinemaScoop?)

CinemaScoop is a new series all about my opinions on this year's new cinema releases. I love films (I have a film degree!) so I can't wait to get started!

I don’t like to set new year’s resolutions – I never have. They’re always just a little bit disappointing if you get halfway through the year and realise you haven’t started working towards one. That’s why I skip that disappointment completely by not setting any!

However, this year, I did set one goal: to go to the cinema more often. It doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but far too often I find myself too wrapped up in everyday life that I forget to have hobbies. I adore going to the cinema and last year, I felt disappointed that I missed out on so many films because I hardly ever went. This year, I want to change that.

That’s where CinemaScoop comes in.