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Wonderfully Bookish has been nominated for The Liebster Award by Catherine at thediaryofabookishgirl! The Liebster award is a great way to click through everyone’s nominations and discover new bookish blogs. Thank you for the nomination, Catherine!

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My sister & guest writer Emily and I have both answered Catherine’s questions. Let’s go!

What is your favourite genre?

Charlotte: I don’t particularly have a favourite genre; I tend to read anything that takes my fancy from both looking at the cover and reading blurb. It also depends what mood I’m in – I could read a mystery or something dark, and then I could read some’chick-lit’ the next day. It all just depends how I’m feeling!

Emily: I love to read a bit of everything; however, my favourite genres are probably crime fiction and fantasy. I love the suspense and mystery of crime fiction. It’s the kind of genre that makes you read double the speed to find out what’s next! As for fantasy… getting lost in worlds that are so different to ours is amazing.

What is your favourite standalone book?

Charlotte: Gahhh, there are so many! I love ‘The Snow Child’ by Eowyn Ivey and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ by Diana Wynne Jones (which I wrote about in my Inside Out book tag!).

Emily: I would definitely have to say I have 3 favourites: The Nigh Circus by Erin Morgenstern; The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight by Jenny Valentine; and lastly, The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein.

What book do you wish would be turned into a movie?

Charlotte: I’d love to see ‘The Snow Child’ turned into a film because I think it could made such a nice, uplifting plot and I can imagine it being so pretty, filmed out in the Alaskan wilderness where the book is set. I also think ‘Fat Chance’ by Nick Spalding would make such a great comedy film.

Emily: I would absolutely love ‘The Night Circus’ to be turned into a film. However I love it so much and have such vivid images of how I’d imagine everything to look. If I had the opportunity to make it a film myself, I would!

What book do you wish had never been turned into a movie?

Charlotte: ‘The Maze Runner’. Such a good book – probably even one of my favourites – but an awful film. I was so excited for the film and it had so much promise to be a great film, but it just fell flat. They left out how much of the important plot points that made the book exciting, resulting in a drab film and characters that had barely any substance! The thing that bothers me most though is that the awful film is turning people away from wanting to read the book, which is so disappointing because the book is great!

Emily: The Moth Diaries. No no no. I’ve never seen it because I refuse to! The book is written in the form of a diary, and just doesn’t have the right feeling for a film at all. They got the casting horrendously wrong, and I think they should have left it alone! It’s a book that should have stayed as a book!

Who is your all-time favourite author?

Charlotte: This is yet again such a difficult question. I tend to read books by all sorts of authors. I think for this question I’ll say Neal Shusterman, author of the ‘Unwind’ series. Those books are so cleverly written and the plot is so thoughtfully planned out – they’re just perfect and I can’t wait to read more from Shusterman.

Emily: My favourite author would have to be Cathy Cassidy. Her books are written for younger people (usually recommended as 9-12, or pre-teen). However, the issues she covers in her books are quite mature and range from family problems to settling in a whole new country. As well as the content of her books, she is fantastic at keeping in contact with her readers. On her Facebook page, she posts regularly and keeps up the conversation. She is friendly, approachable and definitely someone that I look up to. I’ve been really lucky and had the opportunity to meet her a few times, and have a good long chat every time! Honestly, there is not an author that I can commend more than Cathy. Check out her own blog, DREAMCATCHER!

Do you read in complete silence or do you need to have background noise?

Charlotte: I can do either! I’m quite adaptable when I read!

Emily: It all depends on what mood I’m in! A lot of the time, the silence makes me feel uncomfortable so I have a film or something on in the background. But sometimes, I like to sit in the quiet and read my book.

What is your least favourite book series?

Charlotte: I don’t tend to continue to read a series of books if I didn’t like the first one, so for this question I’m going to say Fifty Shades of Grey. I haven’t read them – I refuse – but it’s just the principle of them (plus what I’ve heard, the plot is ridiculous, the characters are awful and the books are packed full of grammar mistakes. Do those books even have an editor?)

Emily: I haven’t really read many series of books, and even less that I didn’t like! In this case, I’ll say the Twilight saga. There are a lot of things in those books and just don’t make any sense… and I’ll leave it as that.

A book that you love but could never read again?

Charlotte: See Emily’s answer below.

Emily: This is really hard, because all of the books I love, I would 100% read again!

How many books do you currently need/want to read?

Charlotte: Far. Too. Many.

Emily: I have 3 books on the go at the moment, and a few that I know I want to read next… but it’ll end up being something completely different, that I never even thought of reading. It always happens!

What is your favourite book from childhood?

Charlotte: I read loads of books as a child, so I have quite a few! My favourites though – I’d say ‘Lola Rose’ by Jacqueline Wilson (I still love reading that book) and ‘Charlotte Somtimes’ by Penelope Farmer, which we used to read with our mum. We loved it because the main character is called Charlotte and her sister’s name is Emily!

Emily: When I was in primary school, there was a book called The Happy Tree. I was going through a pretty rubbish time, and this book made me so happy… so much so, that I even had my own Happy Tree as a present. The other book from primary school was The Chocolate Touch, where there was a boy who turned everything into chocolate with his touch. It was all fun and games until he turned his mum into chocolate.

Again thank you to Sarah for nominating me! I nominate:

Because Catherine’s questions are so great, I’m going to pass them on to the next people! They are:

  1. What is your favourite genre?
  2. What is your favourite standalone book?
  3. What book do you wish would be turned into a movie?
  4. What book do you wish had never been turned into a movie?
  5. Who is your all-time favourite author?
  6. Do you read in complete silence or do you need to have background noise?
  7. What is your least favourite book series?
  8. A book that you love but could never read again?
  9. How many books do you currently need/want to read?
  10. What is your favourite book from childhood?

Looking forward to seeing your responses!

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