Favourite books outside my comfort zone

I decided I wanted to take part in Top 5 Wednesday ages ago, but I kind of got distracted and never did it. I drafted some posts and everything, but I never got around to actually posting them. This month I’m actually going to do it!

Top 5 Wednesday is a challenge hosted in a Goodreads group. Prompts are posted for each Wednesday of the month and the goal is to think of five things in that topic. Today’s topic is “my favourite books outside my comfort zone”. For example, nonfiction if you usually read fiction or contemporary if you usually read fantasy. This will be hard to pick five because I don’t often read things out of my comfort zone, but I’ll try my best!

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On The Edge – Richard Hammond

I chose to read this books a few years ago because my sister and I really liked Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond. It was the first autobiography I read and it was strange to read something other than fiction. I was so glad I did though because I’ve now read it several times and it’s one of my favourite autobiographies, if not one of my favourite books. I’m going to write a full review of this book very soon, so look out for it!

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gone-girlGone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I can’t stop raving about Gone Girl (if you’re sick of it by now, I apologise) but I LOVE IT. I’m including it in my list of books outside of my comfort zone because it was the first time I had read a dark crime book like this. It’s funny because crime thriller is such a big genre but I can’t remember ever reading any from the genre before a few months ago! Gone Girl is one of my favourite books now and the film is just as good. Read my review of the book HERE.

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How the Duke Was Won – Lenora Bell

I received a copy of this a while ago for a blog tour and truthfully, it took me a couple of weeks to pick it up and read it. Historical fiction isn’t a genre I’ve actively avoided, but it’s never been a genre that I’ve had any interest in reading. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but then I read the entire book in a day and I really enjoyed it! I wrote one of the most in depth book reviews I’ve written for this book, which you can read HERE.

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Rise of the Shadow Stealers – Daniel Ingram-Brown

This one’s on my list for the same reason as the two above – it’s a genre I’m not used to reading and it took a bit of getting used to. It’s a fantasy adventure and I haven’t read very much of this genre at all. This was the very first book I received from an author to review and I really liked it! I’ve reviewed it HERE and I’ve also reviewed the sequel, The Nemesis Charm, HERE. Definitely recommended for those who love books like Harry Potter.

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Happyface – Stephen Emond

This book is so unique: it’s a mixture of a novel and a comic and the artwork is amazing. I’ve got a signed, personalised print from the author because I love it so much, and it’s proudly framed in my room. If you can get hold of a copy then please do, because it’s a great read if you haven’t read something like it before. I may review this soon, and I have an exclusive interview with Steve that you can read HERE.

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That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday! Next week’s will be books that I wish had sequels. See you in a couple of days for another book review!

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