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I popped into Waterstones a couple of weeks ago to buy Rachel Caine’s newest book ‘Midnight Bites’, ready for her signing in Liverpool (Friday 4th March). While I was there I had a quick look at the Clearance shelf, and picked up a couple of bargains for only £1 each!


Midnight Bites by Rachel Caine

midnight bites

Bringing together everything Rachel Caine has written in short form about Morganville, this collection is carefully organised into a timeline so you can read from the earliest adventures – some of which belong to vampires – all the way through to post-Daylighters, the final novel in the series. Midnight Bites includes more than 50,000 words of brand-new content, alongside stories compiled from the author’s website and anthologies.

Including ‘Dead Man Stalking‘ and ‘Pitch-Black Blues‘, these tales feature everyone’s favourite bunny-slipper-wearing mad scientist, a fatal car crash, zombies, eerie carnival grounds, a blood-dispensing vending machine and much more. This diverse and supercharged group of stories with shine a little more light in the murkiest corners of Morganville.

“Rachel Caine is a first-class storyteller who can deal out amazing plot twists as though she was dealing cards” – Charlaine Harris, author of the ‘True Blood‘ series
“We suggest dumping Stephanie Meyer’s vapid ‘Twilight’ books and replacing them with [Morganville]” – SFX Magazine

I’m so excited about this book: the thing that excites me most is that there are a couple of short stories in there from the perspective of my favourite character, mad scientist-vampire Myrnin. I haven’t actually finished the Morganville series yet because there are fifteen books and when travelling to uni four hours away, it’s a bit difficult to bring them all along with me, so I won’t be able to read some of the stories in this book until after I’ve finished the series (the stories follow the timeline of the books). However it’s a cool book to add to the collection, and it’s now also signed by the author!


Everland by Rebecca Hunt


1913: Explorers Millet-Bass, Dinners and Napps volunteer to scout the uncharted, unknown Antarctic island of Everland…

2012: On the centenary of its discovery, scientists Brix, Jess and Decker make up a research expedition to Everland, convinced they won’t repeat the mistakes of past.

Because everyone thinks they know what went wrong in that first ill-fated expedition. It’s a hundred years later: they’ve got better kit, they’re better prepared and they’re – mostly – experienced.

But one thing has not changed – Everland…

“A compelling, fascinating story of lives stripped bare, of human puniness within vast, hostile landscapes, and of the hundred small decisions and their consequences that make us what we are” – Helen Dunmore, Observer
“Nothing short of stunning … Hunt’s dry humour and idiosyncratic eye have created something very powerful and unusual indeed” – Guardian
“Thought-provoking, grotesquely vivid, terrifying … a gripping story” – Sunday Telegraph

I don’t know what tempted me to pick this one up because I don’t usually read books like this. At first I was intrigued by the title, and then I was interested by the fact that the blurb gives absolutely nothing away about anything that happens. One of my favourite books is ‘The Snow Child’ by Eowyn Ivey, and it’s all about a couple surviving in the Alaskan wilderness… maybe this book reminded me of that. I’ll see what I think of it when I read it – but whatever I think, it was a bargain for only £1 in the clearance!


Sex on the Moon by Ben Mezrich

sex on the moon

Thad Roberts, a fellow in a prestigious NASA programme, had an idea – a romantic, albeit crazy, idea. He wanted to give his girlfriend the Moon, literally.

That convinced his girlfriend and another female accomplice, both NASA interns, to break into an impenetrable laboratory at NASA’s headquarters – past checkpoints, cipher security codes and camera-lined hallways – and help him steal the most precious objects in the world: Apollo moon rocks from every landing in history.

Based on meticulous research and scores of interviews with the people involved, Mezrich – with his signature high-velocity swagger – has reconstructed the madcap story of a genius, love, and duplicity all centred on a heist that reads like a Hollywood thrill ride.

“Everything you’d expect from Mezrich … clever people doing clever things, betrayals and ingenious schemes and the sort of narrative arc that urges you to consume it all in one sitting … grippingly written” – The Times
“Fascinating … has the readability of popular fiction, a ripping story, and great characters … Another winner from an extremely talented writer” – Booklist

I’ve developed a real interest in space recently, and after just finishing The Martian by Andy Weir (look out for a book review here soon!) I wanted something else spacey to read. I saw this on the Clearance shelf and after seeing ‘NASA’ on the back of the book, I instantly proceeded to read the blurb. It sounds so interesting: it’s a true story which I don’t usually read so it’ll be a bit different, and I found out that the author’s first book was the book that the film ‘The Social Network’ was based on. I’m looking forward to it, it should be an interesting read – and again, not bad for £1!


Hold Me Closer by David Levithan

‘Ehold me closerspecially for those of us who ordinarily feel ignored, a spotlight is a circle of magic, with the strength to draw us from the darkness of our everyday lives.’

Watch out, ex-boyfriends, and get out of the way, homophobic coaches. Tiny Cooper has something to say – and he’s going to say it in song.

Filled with honesty, humour and ‘big, lively, belty’ musical numbers, ‘Hold Me Closer’ is the no-holds-barred (and many-bars-held) entirety of the beloved musical first introduced in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, the award-winning bestseller by John Green and David Levithan.

I saw this in the Waterstones in Carlisle today and pounced on it: I didn’t know it existed! I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson last year and quite enjoyed it, so it’ll be great to read this – the whole script of the musical that happens at the end of the book. This may be one to review once I’ve read it.


I’m currently reading ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell – I started it ages ago but I got distracted with uni work, life and other books, but I’m back into it now and flying through it. As soon as I finish that I’ll start reading these books and let you know what they’re like!

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