I was talking to my friend Charlotte today about audiobooks and how great they are. She’s recently started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks whenever she’s driving, and this is just one of the reasons I’m going to share with you today about why audiobooks are great!

In my post about how to read more I briefly mentioned audiobooks: I said they’re great to listen to on the go or when you’re busy doing something. I also mentioned that some people have the opinion that listening to an audiobook doesn’t count as reading a book, which I definitely think is wrong! Sometimes an audiobook can be a million times easier than reading an physical book for so many reasons. As mentioned above, it’s much more useful and proactive to put on an audiobook whilst out doing things – shopping, gardening, etc. You’re still consuming a book but not taking time out of your day to sit down and read it, which is great – especially if you have a busy schedule.

Another reason an audiobook can be wonderful is if you want to read whilst travelling, but suffer from travel sickness. This is something that I have trouble with; I can’t read a book in a car, on a train, or on any mode of transport for too long without feeling sick or getting a headache. It’s annoying because sitting down travelling is a great opportunity to get some reading done, but it’s not when it makes you feel ill. The perfect solution? An audiobook!

Audiobooks can also be fun to listen to especially if read by someone with a great reading voice. The reader of the audiobook can bring a completely new feel or atmosphere to a book just by the way their voice sounds, and it can sometimes be a lot more enjoyable to have a book read to you rather than reading it yourself.

What do you like about audiobooks, and what’s your opinion on the “audiobooks don’t class as reading” debate? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re interested in audiobooks, Amazon has a great service called Audible. Sign up for your first audiobook completely FREE, and then you can choose to get monthly credits to spend on a ton of great books!

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