Guest post by Sandra from - have you heard about Greyscale?

Ages ago, I wrote a blog post about my favourite adult colouring books. Adult colouring has become such a massive trend in the past couple of years, with bookshops having entire sections dedicated to colouring books. I love a broad range of designs, from big and simple to tiny and delicate. In today’s post, Sandra from is here to tell you about a different form of adult colouring that I actually haven’t heard of before. Without further ado, I’ll pass you over to Sandra!

Have you heard about Greyscale?

We all know about the popular craze of adult colouring. The newest hobby on the block means you can’t go anywhere without seeing colouring books, pencils or pens advertised or talked about.

Adult colouring originally came about as a few select books with simple repetitive patterns to help folks destress and relax. But have you seen some of these colouring books? Some of them are so intricate and detailed and it can all be a bit daunting for those new to the hobby.

Take Animorphia and the like with big double page spreads of animals morphing into tiny intricate doodles with some pages even asking you to add your own.

If you aren’t too steady handed like myself for instance with fibro causing pains in my hands and quite frequent jittering and shaking meaning I often slip and go outside the lines. Then these intricate books can just be so daunting.

But I have some great news for those of us shaky in hand, shirt on time or looking for something a little simpler but still with great results.

Quick question for you all: Have you heard about Greyscale or Grayscale?

Well it’s a type of adult colouring book that is really on the rise and super popular as all the shading is done for you by the artist. You can just colour in and not worry about shading at all which is a really tricky thing to master with adult colouring.

You can be a complete novice and achieve really amazing results on greyscale colouring books.

Some greyscale images are drawings others are from photographs so you greyscale snakecan even get some really lifelike results like this snake!

There is a huge variety of different greyscale books out there from realistic ones with buildings, animals and fauna to fantastical dragons, fairies and more.

It’s not hard at all to colour in these books you simply choose one colour for each area of the book and use the same pressure and amount of colour for that area.

If you’ve not already given adult colouring a go, check out my blog for loads of tips, reviews, challenges and even giveaways!