It's been an amazing year! On the cusp of the new year, here's what happened in 2016 and some goals for 2017.

I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone. How on earth is it 2016 already?! So much happened in 2016 that it’s flown by! I meant to have this post up a few days ago, but Christmas and New Year are the busiest time of the year, every single year. There’s Christmas, and then my birthday on December 27th, and then New Year. It’s crazy!

In this post, I thought I’d do a little reflection and wrap-up of 2016. I’ll write about everything I’ve done and the blogging goals I achieved. Then, I’m going to share some of my hopes and goals for the new year. I’d love if you could share some of yours, too!

What Happened In 2016?

I can’t believe how busy last year was! Unfortunately it wasn’t the best year culturally (with the death of so many amazing people) or politically (with Brexit and the whole Trump thing), but for me personally, it’s been one of the best. Not only did I graduate from university with a 2:1 degree, but I got my dream job!

About a year ago, while I was in university, I realised that I really wanted to get into social media marketing. I started taking control of some of the social media for my uni’s Harry Potter Society, and tried to find ways to get experience. My blog was amazing for this kind of experience! At this point, I started to take my blog seriously, posting more often and setting up my social media accounts. I mentioned on my blog that I wanted to be a virtual assistant, or VA.

Amazingly, a few months ago, I was contacted by Jo from Taskerly. She asked if I was still interested in being a VA, and now, I’ve been working with Taskerly for ages! I absolutely love it, and I’m still amazed sometimes that I was lucky enough to get my perfect job. I’ve started taking on my own clients, and I’m so proud of myself!

2016: Things I’m Proud Of

  • Graduated from university
  • Got my perfect job (and loving it)
  • Took part in a Channel 4 event in Cardiff, where I met some great people and completed a Digital Marketing challenge. My group won the challenge and we were invited to London!
  • Went to the Channel 4 HQ in Westminster for an experience day, and we’ve been invited back again in January for a big finale event with guest speakers and awards
  • Started taking my blog seriously! It’s grown so much since I started, I got my own domain name and went self-hosted, and read tons of books
  • I started getting review copies of books, which is so cool!
  • I’ve travelled a few times to visit my friends where I went to university
  • While in Manchester, I met my wonderful friend and fellow book blogger, Sarah! Now we’re planning on going to YALC (Young Adult Lit Con) in London this year. I’m so excited!

I’ve probably forgotten so many things, but I’ll add to the list if I think of anything. I love keeping a list of things I’ve done and things I’ve achieved. It makes me realise just how great the year has been!

New Year, New Goals!

I’m really looking forward to 2017. I feel so positive and wonderful about the year to come! I’ve set myself some goals – just a few things to achieve in the new year. These are some of them!

Learn to Drive

I started learning to drive almost 5 years ago. Yep. It’s taken me that long. I was 17 when I started, and I wasn’t very good at it; I think I was too stressed about school, applying for university, eventually moving away to go to university, and I couldn’t focus on it. (This was proven when I failed my driving test 3 times.) I didn’t learn the whole time I was in university.

Now I’m 22, and almost all of my friends can drive. They love the fact that they can go places without having to rely on public transport of lifts from other people. This year, I’ve told myself that I’m going to learn to drive again. Hopefully, now that I’m older and I have less to be stressed about, I’ll manage it! Annoyingly, I have to take my theory test again. Gaaah.

Write More Stories and Take Part in NaNoWriMo!

A few days ago, I had a huge urge to take part in National Novel Writing Month. I’ve known about it for years now, but since being in the book blogging community, I’ve seen more and more people taking part in it. Currently, I don’t have any ideas for a novel, but I’ve got until November. That’s plenty of time, right?


Continue to Grow My Blog & Social Media

This month I’m taking part in #BookishRainbow17, an Instagram challenge in which you share a particular colour-themed picture on Instagram. I feel like I’m becoming obsessed with ‘Bookstagram’ – I have 10 posts in my drafts, and I want to post them all! I’m going to try and take part in as many Instagram challenges as possible this year, because it motivates me to use it and they’re a lot of fun!

My first #BookishRainbow17 picture! Guess the colour...

My first #BookishRainbow17 picture! Guess the colour…

What Are Your Goals?

Those are main three for this year. I have a few other little ones too, but those are the biggest ones. Now it’s your turn! What are your hopes and goals for the new year? Do you have huge, life-changing goals, or a few smaller ones? Both are great!

I hope you have a wonderful new year. Here’s to 2017!

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