26 Blog Post Ideas for Film Bloggers!

Mar 17, 2018 | Blogging & Social Media, Film & TV

Last year, I wrote a post called 32 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers and it turned out to be my most popular posts. It even ranks #1 on Google! Over a year later, people are still regularly coming back to that post for their dose of bookish inspiration. So, considering this blog is turning into a film blog as well as a book blog, I thought I’d do the same for film ideas.

Stuck for blogging inspiration? Here's a list of 26 blog post ideas for film bloggers.

Feel free to use these ideas how you wish – exactly how they are, adapted to suit you, or however you’d like to use them. A few of these ideas might overlap from my book blog ideas post, but they’re suitable for both niches so I thought I’d include them on both.

Without further ado, here are 26 blog post ideas for film bloggers!

26 Blog Post Ideas for Film Bloggers

Film reviews. This is the obvious choice and pretty much all film bloggers do them, but you can think about how to do them creatively! Split it into sections, come up with a cool rating system, share your thoughts in the form of an elaborate acrostic poem… the choice is yours.

Your favourite/least favourite genres. Is there one genre you always find yourself dying to see, or yawning at the thought of it? Why do you love or hate them?

Film hauls. Have you bought any DVDs or Blu-rays recently? Share what you’ve bought, why you bought them, and if you’ve seen them before. Were they a random choice, or a favourite that you don’t already own?

Review a film streaming service. If you’ve started a new subscription to a streaming service, like Netflix or Now TV, write about your thoughts. Is it how you expected? What’s the choice of films like – is there a vast array or a disappointing selection?

10 thoughts while watching __. While you watch a film, do you thoughts change throughout? If you hate it at the start but grow to love it, or your opinion changes about a particular character, it could be entertaining to log your thought process.

Your favourite actors/actresses. Write about your favourite actors and actresses and the films that they star in. Do you think there are particular high points in their careers so far, or can you admit that they’ve starred in a few flops?

Your favourite directors. What have they directed? What do you love about them? Include their film styles, their artistic direction, or anything you particular love about them.

Top 5 film flops. Rank the worst films you’ve ever seen. We’ve all been to see a film and finished it feeling bitterly disappointed, haven’t we?! Or maybe you want to do a bit of research and write about box office flops and your true opinions on them.

One of my most popular posts is my 32 ideas for book bloggers (it even ranks #1 on Google!). i'm back with more ideas - but this this time, I'm focusing on film buffs! Here's a list of 26 blog post ideas for film bloggers. I hope it helps those in need of a bit of inspiration!

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Take us on a tour of your DVD collection. (Or your digital collection if physical DVDs are toootally a thing of the past.) You could even get a bit deeper and analyse your collection in more detail. Do you own a lot by the same director, do the same people appear in a lot of them, or are they mostly one particular genre?

Book vs. film. Book-to-screen adaptations are huge, especially in the past few years. You might want to write about your favourite (or least favourite) adaptations. Did you hate the Harry Potter films? Was the Hunger Games series soooo much worse than the books? Have your say!

Bravely share your unpopular opinions. Most people are likely to have at least one opinion that a lot of people will disagree with. Be brave and share some of yours.

Why do you choose to see a film? I always like to read the synopsis and watch the trailer before I go and see a film, and the genre is a big decider for me too. How about you? What makes you decide to go and see a film?

Write about an event you went to. Have you been to any film-related events recently, or ever? Whether you want to a film festival or a major film premiere, write about your day and what you loved about it! Did you see a film you adored? Did you meet anyone worthy enough to make everyone else jealous?

Informal, chatty posts. Got something you want to get off your chest? Maybe a rant about something going on in the film industry or a ramble about how much you loved a film (which I pretty much did for The Shape of Water)? Just open up a new post and write your feelings.

An extended film review. Quite often, I’ll go and see a film that sparks a lot of feelings. Either I love it and I want to pour my heart out, or I disliked it and I need to get out my (maybe unpopular) opinions. For example, I recently wrote a slightly less-than-glowing review of The Greatest Showman that ended up being over 3000 words.

Film-related gifts. There are so many cool gifts out there for film buffs, like fake clapper boards, camera lens drinking cups, and more. Put together a gift guide for film lovers! This could be a great chance to use affiliate links.

Badly-written film plots. Play a little game with your readers: write out a few awfully-written plots of popular films and see if they can guess what they are. For example, “a kid goes to a special school where he has to defeat a mean snake-obsessed guy called Tom with magical powers.”

One of my most popular posts is my 32 ideas for book bloggers (it even ranks #1 on Google!). i'm back with more ideas - but this this time, I'm focusing on film buffs! Here's a list of 26 blog post ideas for film bloggers. I hope it helps those in need of a bit of inspiration!

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Talk about representation. Do you love (or hate) the way a certain minority is represented in films? Write about it and share specific examples. Some ideas are LGBT, race, gender, or anything you feel strongly about.

Your fictional bucket list. Do you want to have lunch with Harry Potter? Be best friends with a Disney Princess? Travel to Narnia? Put together your fictional bucket list!

Your favourite alternative movie artwork. Has anyone impressed you by designing unofficial alternative artwork for one of your favourite films? I love it when people create minimalist posters for films and I want them all on my wall. Share a few links to ones you love!

The best and worst remakes/spin-offs/sequels. Often, film studios like to capitalise on the success of popular films by remaking them, creating spin-offs, or writing (sometimes awful) sequels. What are your thoughts about these? List your favourites or least favourites.

Awards show predictions/reactions. I love to watch the Oscars every year and make predictions about the winners beforehand. This year, I predicted 20 of the 24 categories, and I was correct on 16 of them. Not bad! Share your predictions, and then your reactions to the actual winners.

Your Pottermore sorting. This idea is courtesy of my friend Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner. I saw this and thought it was a great idea for a post, for both book and film bloggers!! Write about where you were sorted on Pottermore, including your Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny house, your wand, and your Patronus. If you’re brave enough, make a new account, be re-sorted and record your results! Here’s mine.

General Ideas for Film Bloggers

Guest posts. There are bound to be others bloggers who’d like to write a guest post for you. Guest posting is great to get your name out there, and it’s good for backlinks too. Ask around, particularly on social media, for anyone who wants to guest post for you and you’re bound to get a few replies!

Your top blogging tips. Do you have a great social media strategy that gets you tons of traffic? Or an amazing routine that helps you write tons of blog posts? Share your top blogging tips and inspire others!

Monthly wrap-ups. If you’ve written a lot over the month, put them all together in one handy blog post. Link all of your posts with a little description or an excerpt, and you’ve got a little index of the month’s posts! Here’s my most recent one.

Stuck for blogging inspiration? Here's a list of 26 blog post ideas for film bloggers.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you! You can use these ideas to suit you, so if you’re not a film blogger, a lot of them can probably be adapted. Make sure you have a look at my ideas for book bloggers too!

If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, or if you’re interested in doing any of these, leave a comment below. And if you want to share these ideas, above is a perfectly Pinnable image for Pinterest… 😉

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