32 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers!

Feb 10, 2017 | Blogging & Social Media

I spent a while this morning brainstorming new blog post ideas. I like to have a huge bank of ideas so that when I fancy writing a blog post, I can pluck one from the list. It’s been so helpful, and I’m never stuck for ideas!

Sometimes, for book bloggers especially, it can be difficult to come up with enough ideas. Are book bloggers limited to writing about the books they read? Of course not! Are you getting a bit bored of only writing book reviews? I’ve put together a huge list of blog post ideas that I hope will inspire fellow book bloggers.

32 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

Book reviews. They can be fun and humorous, or serious and intellectual. If you don’t like reviewing in big paragraphs, why not split it up into Pros and Cons? Or you could even split it into sections like Characters, Plot, Themes, Writing Style, or anything else that makes it easier for you to get your thoughts across.

15 thoughts while reading ___. If full book reviews aren’t your thing, or you can’t think of enough to say, you could make notes of your thoughts while reading a book and share them! They could even be vague and only make sense to others who have read the book, like “OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HE DOING?!!”. I love reading posts like that!

Write about your favourite genre. Why is it your favourite? What are your favourite books or authors within that genre? And why do you recommend others read books of that genre?

Book hauls. Show off those books you just bought! I like these posts because they’re so easy to write. Here’s one of mine from a few months ago. Write about where you got them from and why you picked them up. Were they recommended to you? Did you love the cover or the synopsis?

Why do you pick up a book? I’m thinking of writing this post soon, actually. I’m always interested to see why other people decide to pick up a book. For me, I’m a sucker for a beautiful cover. Write about what instantly attracts you towards a book!

Your top blogging tips. Do you have a great social media strategy that gets you tons of traffic? Or an amazing routine that helps you write tons of blog posts? Share your top blogging tips and inspire others!

Monthly wrap-ups. If you’ve written a lot over the month, put them all together in one handy blog post. Link all of your posts with a little description or an excerpt, and you’ve got a little index of the month’s posts! Here’s my most recent one.

Your favourite book covers. As I said above, I love a good book cover. It’s the main think that draws me to a book! Which book covers are you favourites, and why? Do you love the colours or the pictures? How do they make you feel, and do they accurately match what the book is about?

Write about your favourite places to read. Whether your favourite reading spot is in the library, on your bed or in a comfy chair in your own book corner, take us on a tour. What’s so special about it? Why is it the perfect reading spot for you? Here’s my post for a bit of inspiration!

Take us on a tour of your bookshelf. I find these posts so fun to read and write! I wrote my own here, and it was one of my favourite posts to write. Tell us all about how you organise your shelves, which shelves are you love, and how you decorate them.

Struggling to come up with blog post ideas? Here's a list of 32 blog post ideas for book bloggers! | Wonderfully Bookish

Blogging prompts, e.g. Top 5 Wednesday. These can be wonderful if you’re stuck for ideas! There are tons of groups like Top 5 Wednesday where each week, you’re given a weekly prompt, such as your top 5 characters you’d like to be friends with, or your top 5 additions to your wishlist.

Give some great bookish advice. I wrote a post recently called 6 Ways to Read If You Can’t Afford Books. Think of some topics you could give some advice about! Maybe 5 ways to get out of a reading slump, or some fab Instagram photography tips? See what you can come up with!

Take part in blog tours. I’ve taken part in a ton of blog tours, but I’m rubbish at explaining what they are! For an explanation of what a blog tour is, see this post. If you don’t have time to review books for blog tours, you don’t have to; most of the time, you can host content like an extract, a guest post, or a Q&A with the author. They’re so much fun to get involved with!

Book tags. There are hundreds and hundreds of tag posts on the internet. A quick Google will bring up loads of them! They’re great as quick and easy posts, and you can tag other book bloggers to do them too. They come in all different topics and themes, so there’s some for everybody. Or, try making up your own tag!

Interview an author. If you can manage to get in contact with an author, ask if you can interview them! You could try Twitter, or emailing authors through their website. Here are some of my author interviews!

Guest posts. Ask if any bloggers would like to guest post on your blog. Let them know that you’ll leave a link to their blog in their post, which is great for them. And it’s great for you because it’s a new post for your site with minimal effort from you! 😀 If you have a few ideas, why not do a guest post swap?

Write about an event you went to. Have you been to any great events recently? Book signings, blogger meet-ups, days out – anything could make a great post! Write about your day and what you loved about it! For example, I wrote about when I went to Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday celebration in Cardiff.

Film & TV. Just because you have a book blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean you exclusively have to write about books. I write about films and TV sometimes because it’s what I love! If you want to make it book-related, you could write about adaptations and book/film comparisons.

Your Pottermore sorting. This idea is courtesy of my friend Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner. I saw this post and thought it was a great idea for a post! Write about where your sorted on Pottermore, including your Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny house, your wand and your Patronus. If you’re brave enough, make a new account, be re-sorted and record your results! I can’t wait to write this post myself.

Informal, chatty posts. Got something you want to get off your chest? A rant, a worry, or just some thoughts you want to write down? Just open up a new post and write your feelings. It could be about anything, but I bet some people will be interested to read it!

Struggling to come up with blog post ideas? Here's a list of 32 blog post ideas for book bloggers! | Wonderfully Bookish

Pros and cons. Weigh up the pros and cons of something. Anything! It could be pros and cons of using a library, or buying books from charity shops compared to high street stores. My friend Sophie did a great one about the pros and cons of re-reading books, and I wrote one all about the pros and cons of physical vs digital books.

Your NetGalley shelf. What do you have on your NetGalley shelf at the moment? Anything you’re dying to read? Share what you’ve been accepted to read, and any books that were sadly declined.

Bookish gifts. If you’ve got some great ideas for bookish gifts, share them! This one might be best shared around a holiday like Christmas, or make it seasonal for Valentine’s Day or Easter. Link to Etsy shops or other online shops. Then you’re also helping to support small businesses!

Share your writing. If you’re a writer, or if you like to write as a hobby, share little snippets of your writing. If you write short stories, maybe share a whole story. (Incidentally, why not take part in my Short Story Challenge?)

Create a quiz. It could be a general knowledge quiz about a lot of books, or about one specific book. Or you could have a go at your own personality quizzes, such as “Which character are you most like?” or “Which book should you read next?”

Play a game with your readers. You could write a really bad synopsis of a book and people have to guess which book it’s about. This could also be done with bad descriptions of characters. Or, you could tell you readers to go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ around your blog, finding specific things in your blog posts and reporting back once they’ve found them all. If you’d like, you could offer a prize, like a book or a gift card, for the winner.

Create your own TBR jar. I have a little tutorial for this here! Write about the process making your own, or any other crafty ideas you have.

Do the ‘On my Shelf’ tag. I found this tag here. Roughly count the number of books on your shelf. Say you have 55, ask your Twitter followers to give you a random number between 1 and 55. Count along until you get to the right number, and write about the book. Why did you buy it? Does it mean anything to you?

Talk about representation. Do you love (or hate) the way a certain minority is represented in fiction? Write about it and share specific examples. Some ideas are LGBT, race, gender, or anything you feel strongly about.

Your fictional bucket list. Do you want to have lunch with Harry Potter? Be best friends with a Disney Princess? Travel to Narnia? Put together your bookish bucket list!

Discussion posts. This amazing list has a TON of discussion ideas! Find one that sparks your interest and just write whatever you can think of about it. It could be about anything, and that’s what makes it fun!

A list of blog post ideas! Do you have any ideas that I haven’t included? Write your own list of ideas!

Struggling to come up with blog post ideas? Here's a list of 32 blog post ideas for book bloggers! | Wonderfully Bookish

I hope some of these ideas inspire you! If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, or if you’re interested in doing any of these, leave a comment. And if you want to share these ideas, above is a perfectly Pinnable image for Pinterest! I’d love if you could share it! If you love films, I’ve also written a list of blog post ideas for film bloggers which you can see here.

Good luck, and happy blogging!


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