A few years ago, I joined Pottermore - a site which expands the world of Harry Potter. Today I'm retaking my sorting tests to see how different they are!

A few days ago, I wrote about why I love being a Hufflepuff. It was actually meant to be this post, but I got carried away talking about Hufflepuff, so I thought I’d split it into two posts!

I saw a post on The Little Contemporary Corner a few days ago about being re-sorted on Pottermore. Pottermore is a website that was set up a few years ago to expand J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

When it was set up, you could look through “moments” from each book. They were glimpses into each chapter of the books, with interactive scenes to click around. Now, the site is more for information and newwriting from the author herself. I love it – I really enjoy reading more about the Wizarding
World that I so wish I was a part of!

Another thing you can do on Pottermore is to be sorted into your Hogwarts house and your Ilvermorny house (the American Wizarding school, mentioned in the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). You can also find out your wand, and what your Patronus is. I did this when I joined the website years ago, and I was very hap
py with what I got. (My Patronus not so much, but I’m learning to love it!)

In this post, I’m going to show you what I have currently, and then create a new account and be re-sorted. A new Hogwarts house, new Ilvermoney house, a new wand AND a new Patronus. I’m excited but incredibly scared to see the changes! Let’s see what I get!

My Current Pottermore Sorting

My Hogwarts House

I’m in Hufflepuff, and so very proud of it! If you haven’t seen my post about why I love being a Hufflepuff, you can read that here. I love my house!

My Ilvermorny House

I wasn’t sure about being sorted about Thunderbird. It says right there, “favours adventures” – but I don’t know how well I identify with that. I guess I like an adventure. The more I read about it, the happier I was with it – but I LOVE Pukwudgie! It’s my favourite Ilvermorny house. I’ll have to see what I get when I re-sort.

My Patronus

I laughed when I got this. My friends were getting huge dogs and adorable cats and I got… a fish. Again, though, the more I looked into the symbolism of a salmon, I was a bit happier. Salmon swim upstream but they always find their way home, and I love that!

My Wand

I remember loving my wand when I did this years ago. I was like “I LOVE UNICORNS!!!1” so I was so happy that I got a unicorn hair core. However, I do love the idea of having a phoenix feather core, though.

My Pottermore Re-Sorting

So, here it is. The time has come to re-sort. I’M SO NERVOUS! What if I get something completely different?! Okay, let’s start with my Hogwarts house…

YESSSS! This was the most important one for me because with any of the others, if they change, I won’t be ALL that bothered. But this one has made me who I am (alright, cringe). I’m so happy! Clearly Hufflepuff is in my heart.

Next up was my new Ilvermorny house. As I said above, I love the idea of Pukwudgie. (Despite it’s funny name. But hey, I’m a Hufflepuff. I can’t laugh at funny names.) Here goes…

How lucky am I so far?! This is amazing! Named after the fiercely independent magical creature the Pukwudgie, Pukwudgie house is sometimes considered to represent the heart of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Pukwudgie favours healers. I’m happy to be a Pukwudgie.

Next, I need to go to Ollivander’s for a wand…

Ooooh! Yet again, above I said I’d love if my wand had a phoenix feather core. Phoenix feather cores are the rarest, which is pretty cool. I’m happy with whatever wand I have, though!

The final re-sorting: it’s time to unveil my new Patronus!

OH. MY. GOD. I’m so happy with this! I actually have two black and white cats in real life, so I couldn’t be happier with this result! So cuuute.

Overall, I’m so very happy with my new sorting! It showed that I’m a true Hufflepuff, which is the most important one. If it put me in Slytherin or Gryffindor, I’d have been so shocked. I’m really happy too about my Ilvermorny house and my wand being the ones I said I wanted! How lucky is that?! My Patronus is amazing too. I’m so glad I did this experiment!

Do you use Pottermore? If not, you can sign up for free here. I want to know which houses you’re in and which wand and Patronus you have! If you’re already a Pottermore member, why not take the plunge and re-sort like I did? It’s so much fun! Thanks to Sarah for this great idea!


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