A Wonderfully Bookish Secret Santa 2016

I belong to a number of blogging pages on Facebook, and for the past few days, people have been posting Secret Santa info. I’ve seen a craft one, a beauty one, and a general gift-giving one. I thought – how cool would it be to have a bookish one?! So, instead of waiting to see if one pops up, I thought I’d organise one myself!

How Will It Work?

I’ve set up a Google Form so if you’re interested in taking part, you can sign up there. I’ll ask for:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Home address (don’t worry, it’ll only be shared with your Secret Santa partner)
  • Whether you’re happy to send internationally
  • Your Goodreads ‘read’ shelf (optional)
  • Your blog link (optional)
  • A wishlist to help your partner choose a book (optional)

Sign-ups will close on Sunday 20th November. Once I’ve collected everyone’s details, I’ll work on matching everyone with a partner. After I’ve done that, I’ll send everyone an email by Friday 25th November with some more info and the most important part – your Secret Santa Partner! To make sure everyone’s books arrive on time, you’ll have until Friday 16th December to buy and send your book.

Once you’ve received your book, write about it! Whether it’s a blog post all about it, a Facebook post in my Facebook group The Book Bloggers’ Library, or simply a tweet, I’d love to know what books you’re all sending. On Twitter, use the hashtag #WBookishSecretSanta!

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Some Extra Info

Your information that you submit via the Google Form will be kept private to me and your partner. I won’t share any info outside of this Secret Santa, so it’s safe with me!

If you partner includes a Goodreads link, you can use that to see which books they’ve already read. This stops you getting a book they already have. If they include a wishlist, you can choose to get one from this if you like. If you have another great idea though, it’s not compulsory that you stick to it!

The tradition of a Secret Santa is that you don’t know who your gift is from. However, I always like to know who sent me my gift so I can thank them! There are no real rules with this. If you’d like to get in touch with your partner beforehand, you can. If you want to include a note or a Christmas card with your name and blog link etc, you can do that too. I know I probably will!

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The Budget

Of course, there will be a guide price for this to make it fair and affordable. The last thing you want is to spend £20 on a beautiful hardback, and receive a £1 charity shop paperback in return. The guide price will be £5 (or whatever the equal amount is in your currency). If you go a little bit under or a little bit over, it doesn’t matter too much. For example, if your book costs £3 or £7, that’s alright. Just don’t go too high or too low.

This is just the price of the book; any other cost, like postage or fancy posh wrapping, is up to you. You can get your books from anywhere you like. Amazon, The Book Depository, The Works, even a charity shop if the book is in perfect condition.

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Summary & Important Dates

  • Sign up using the Google Form by Sunday 20th November
  • I’ll email you with your partner’s info by Friday 25th November
  • Buy and send your book (with a note or a Christmas card if you like!) by Friday 16th December (or as soon as possible if you’re sending internationally)
  • Write about your book once you’ve recieved it!

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Sign Up Now!

The Google form to sign up is HERE. Make sure you sign up by Sunday 20th November!

I’m so excited to get started!!!


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