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Jun 28, 2016 | Other Bits & Bobs, Technology & Games

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A while ago I found out about Shaw Academy. It’s an online educator that offers many different courses taught through webinars. For the past couple of months I’ve been really interested in expanding my knowledge on digital marketing and SEO. Not only will it help my blog, but hopefully it’ll help me achieve the career I’d love.

I was instantly excited when I found out that the Shaw Academy were offering some of their courses for FREE, when they’re usually £395! I signed up straight away for the Digital Marketing course, waited a couple of weeks for it to begin, and yesterday I had my first webinar. In this post, I’m going to tell you about my first impressions.

There’s a whole range of courses that you can choose from!

First Impressions

I’d never taken part in a webinar or online lecture, so this was a completely new experience for me. I signed in 10 minutes early, my notebook and pen in hand, eager to begin. The webinar was like a slide share – the educator, a very friendly Irish man called Richard Hegarty, put a PowerPoint presentation up on the screen and gave the seminar using a voice link. I initially thought we’d have to speak up using our microphones, like we’d do in a real seminar, and I was a bit nervous. However, everyone had their own chat box where we could type questions and answers, and Richard could respond live.

The first fifteen minutes of the webinar was an introduction to the course and to the Academy itself. Then it launched straight into the content of the course, giving a brief overview of designing for conversion, the Internet, mobile and online marketing, and social media monetisation. The pace was quite fast. I found a couple of people on Twitter afterwards complaining about this, but I prefer it to be pretty fast-paced! Maybe three years of university lectures has trained me well. A great thing about it is that all webinars are available afterwards to re-watch (or watch for the first time if you can’t tune in live). I’ll definitely be doing this to catch up on a few notes that I missed.

Great Perks!

Another thing that I love is the enthusiasm from the educator to come back every session and watch live. There are several great perks to tuning in to each webinar. These include the chance to win $1000 every session that you join, and the chance to enter into a draw to win a lifetime Shaw Academy membership. There was also an intriguing hook – “What does the Shaw Academy have in common with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Find out in lesson 8!” It’s things like this that encourage me to come back. The warm, friendly feeling of the webinar in general made me excited for the following weeks!

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The course is broken down into 10 easy-to-digest lessons about multiple topics surrounding digital marketing, from the benefits of blogging, SEO, pay-per-click and email marketing.

Accredited Diploma

The best thing is – this course gives you an Accredited Diploma in Digital Marketing which will look amazing on CVs. It’ll definitely give you a few Brownie Points when looking for jobs in this field. I can’t wait to carry on with the course and it’s only just begun.

To find out more about the Diploma in Digital Marketing, as well as the other courses available from the Shaw Academy, click here.

(Note: I am in no way sponsored by or affiliated with the Shaw Academy. I just love what they do and want to highly recommend them to other people! I wanted to find out more about the webinars but couldn’t find very much, so hopefully this might help someone.)

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