Craft Tutorial: Make Your Own Tiny Bunting!

Jul 10, 2017 | Craft & Planners

After reading my bookshelf tour last year, a few people pointed out how cute my tiny bunting was. I said I’d make a tutorial of how to make it and months later, I’m finally doing that! WOOOO! This tiny bunting is great for bookshelves, window ledges, or anywhere you want tiny decorations that cost almost nothing to make.

This tiny bunting tutorial is great for bookshelves, window ledges, or anywhere you want tiny decorations that cost almost nothing to make!

There are two different methods in this tutorial: one for the bunting you see above, and another for one EVEN MORE TINY. It depends how tiny you want it, I guess! Let’s go!

Method One

Find some colourful pieces of paper. I used packs of craft paper (I have so many). It’s up to you how many colours you choose – how rainbow do you want your bunting?

Cut your paper into triangles. It’s up to you what size and how many you cut. Mine are about 6 or 7cm on each side, and on my string of bunting I have 8 triangles. It’s only a mini one for my bookshelf!

Using a single whole punch, punch holes in 2 corners of every triangle you cut out. Make sure they’re not too close to the edge – you don’t want them ripping if you’ve only left about 1mm!

Cut off a piece of string. Mine is probably about 60cm. You can do yours very short like mine or long enough to go around the whole room – again, it’s up to you! You can always cut it shorter or cut more triangles if you find it’s too long.

Thread the string through the holes. Put the string in through the front, round the back and out through the other hole. You can try it the other way too, so you have the string showing at the top of the triangles, but this is just my preference!

Space them all out and stick it up! Once you’ve got all of your triangles on your string, space them out evenly. Get some sort of adhesive (blue tack, washi tape, cellotape – whatever you want to use) and put it on both ends of the string. Find somewhere to stick up your brand new tiny bunting and TA DAAA! You’re done!

Method 2

This method makes a tinier bunting and doesn’t involve a whole punch. If you don’t have a single whole punch, this might be your preferred method. These can be as big as the first method too, but I find that it makes teeny tiny bunting and it looks so cute!

I have about a bazillion bunting pieces for this one. You don’t need that many – I got a bit carried away.

Find the paper you want to use. Again, as above, you can use anything you like!

Cut out the shapes. These shapes are a bit different and a bit more complicated than the normal triangles above. It’s kind of like 2 triangles with a straight bit in the middle (you need that for folding). See my snazzy little diagram on the right for the shape you need to cut out.

I ended up making a cardstock template for mine so I could draw round it loads of times, rather than trying to measure them out.

Cut off a piece of string. The string should be thin rather than fat because the bunting is to tiny.

Fold your triangles in half and ‘sit’ them on the string. Hold your triangle and carefully fold it in the middle. (It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect – I think it gives it that rustic, homemade look!) Place it over the top of the string. Don’t do them all at one – just do one triangle and then go to the next step.

Glue the triangle. With some glue (I find Pritt stick-type glue easiest – less messy), seal the triangle shut. Make sure you don’t put too much glue on. I’d recommend only gluing the bottom corner and a little bit above it. DON’T go all the way to the top so that the string sticks to it – we want the string to move, not to be stuck down. Press the two sides together. Once you’ve done this with 1 bunting piece, repeat step 4 and 5 until you’ve done all your triangles.

Space them all out and give your tiny bunting a home! Spread all the triangles out evenly along the string. Use an adhesive (blue tack, tape, etc) to stick your bunting up somewhere. Aaaaand your tiny bunting is complete!

If you want to know where my tiny bunting lives, it’s currently decorating my TARDIS and making it look beautiful…

Tiny bunting on TARDIS

That’s it!

If you want some ideas for what you could use to make your bunting, maybe try some of these:

  • Craft paper or cardstock
  • Playing cards
  • Book pages
  • Brown paper
  • Photographs

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you decide to make your own tiny bunting, I’d love to know what you use it for and if you have any extra tips. I’d also reeeally love if you could pin this on Pinterest. (I made a snazzy image just for that purpose – see below.)

I’m going to be doing a lot more crafty tutorials in the future – I’ve loved writing this one! I used to do a lot of craft stuff a few years ago and just kind of gave up while I was in uni. It’s so nice to get back into it again!

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This tiny bunting tutorial is great for bookshelves, window ledges, or anywhere you want tiny decorations that cost almost nothing to make!

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