Happy Birthday, Wonderfully Bookish!

Oct 14, 2016 | Other Bits & Bobs

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Wonderfully Bookish…
Happy birthday to yooou!


In case you hadn’t guessed, my little blog is one-year-old! Almost a toddler! On 14th October 2015, I posted my introductory blog post, and my first proper post was all about the importance of reading. I had zero views, zero followers, and no social media accounts. Now, a year later, let’s compare…


Blog Stats (as of October 2016)

  • 115 blog posts
  • 460+ comments
  • 127 WordPress followers
  • ~5,300+ unique visitors
  • DA: 9

That’s mad! I can’t believe people have viewed my blog posts 11,000 times. ELEVEN THOUSAND! Now that I know what I’m doing and I’m building my social media presence, I can’t wait to see where my stats are at a year from now. As well as starting to build my stats, I’ve achieved a lot this year!

  • Interviewed authors and taken part in loads of blog tours
  • Took part in (and completed!) Blog Every Day in May
  • I realised what kind of job I wanted to do – something to do with social media marketing
  • THEN I GOT THAT JOB because of my blog! Now I absolutely love being a part of team Taskerly!
  • I’ve ‘met’ (well, virtually met) so many wonderful people
  • I’ve improved so many skills that are and are going to be so useful in my job
  • I started a Facebook page, The Book Bloggers’ Library, to encourage interaction between book bloggers. Although it currently has under 20 members, people are actually using it and that makes me happy!


What’s next?

I’m excited to see where everything I’m doing now takes me! My blog, my social media, and my job. I’m going to be working with Taskerly for as long as I can because I love it. The rest of this year is going to be focused on blogging and my job.

Then next year (at some point – it might be January, it might be December – who knows) I’m considering working on planning my own business. It won’t actually happen for ages yet because I’m perfectly happy with Taskerly, but I’m going to plan it out and come up with some ideas as well as working on a new website. I’m so excited!

Let’s see how much things change in a year!


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