Monthly Wrap-Up - January 2017

January is over already. Crazy! I’ve written tons of blog posts this month, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to do a January wrap-up post. I used to do these all the time and they made me realise how much I’d written in a month, so I thought I’d start doing them again! It’s nice to have a handy little list of all of this month’s posts. Let’s get started!

It's been an amazing year! On the cusp of the new year, here's what happened in 2016 and some goals for the new year.

2016 Wrap-Up and 2017 Blog Goals

In this post, I wrote a little reflection and wrap-up of 2016. I included everything I’ve done and the blogging goals I achieved. I also share some of my hopes and goals for the new year. You can read it here!

Blog Tour - Brake Failure by Alison Brodie

Blog Tour Excerpt: Brake Failure by Alison Brodie

I did LOADS of blog tours this month (I gave it the very imaginative name of ‘Blog Tour January’). It stressed me out quite a bit, so I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t do so many in one go in future! This was the first one. I shared an exclusive extract from the book Brake Failure, a contemporary romance with humour, suspense and a kick-ass heroine by Alison Brodie. Read the extract!

My stop on the blog tour for The Alibi by Jaime Raven.

Blog Tour Guest Post: The Alibi by Jaime Raven

Last year, I read a book called The Madam by Jaime Raven. A couple of weeks ago, I found out about the blog tour for the author’s second book, The Alibi. I hosted a really cool and unique guest post – a newspaper article from Beth Chambers, a character in the book! Here it is!

Sometimes, it's not easy to read new books when they're so expensive to buy. Here are 6 ways you can read if you can't afford to buy brand new books.

6 Ways to Read If You Can’t Afford to Buy Books

This was one of my favourite posts I’ve written in a while. Sometimes, if you’re like me, you want to read SO many books but you can’t afford to buy them all! But fear not! Here are 6 ways you can read if you can’t afford to buy brand new books. From classics to the newest releases, read them all with these simple tips!

If you've read The Firebird Chronicles series by Daniel Ingram-Brown, then you'll love these extras and freebies!

The Firebird Chronicles by Daniel Ingram-Brown: Extras & Freebies!

If you’ve been around for a while, you might have seen my reviews of Rise of the Shadow Stealers and The Nemesis Charm. They’re both part of The Firebird Chronicles series by Daniel Ingram-Brown, and I really like them! So, when I found out that there were going to be extra short stories, I couldn’t wait to read them. In this post, I wrote about these short stories as well as the Rise of the Shadow Stealers audiobook. Come and see!

For my stop on this blog tour, I'm reviewing the heart-wrenching, wonderful A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart.

Blog Tour Review: A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. For my stop on this blog tour (the third one of the month), I reviewed the heart-wrenching and wonderful A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart. It made me laugh out loud, almost cry, and I want to recommend it to absolutely anyone. Here’s my review!

Blog Tour Guest Post: Waiting for Aegina by Effie Kammenou

Time for another blog tour. It was my stop on the blog tour for Waiting for Aegina, the second book in The Gift saga by Effie Kammenou. Effie wrote a post all about what it’s like turning 60. I included a synopsis of the book too, so you can see if it sounds like your cup of tea! Take it away, Effie!

Welcome to the A-Z Book Survey, where I answer all things bookish!

Tag: The A-Z Book Survey

Before this one, I hadn’t done any tags for a while because I try to do them as little as possible. However, this one has been saved in my drafts for MONTHS so I thought it was time to give it a go. This is the A-Z Book Survey, originally created by Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner in 2013. There are 26 questions for each letter of the alphabet. Writing tag posts are one of my guilty pleasures because they’re such a great boredom buster. Find out more about me!

Blog Tour Review(ish): The Good Enough Mother by Anoushka Beazley

ANOTHER blog tour! (This wasn’t the last one for this month yet, either. I think I went a bit blog tour crazy.) This blog tour stop was for The Good Enough Mother, a hilarious black comedy by Anoushka Beazley. I’ve been SO busy recently it’s insane (see why in the post!), so it was a bit of a weird review. Read it here!

Blogging Thoughts: Why I Need Rethink, De-Stress & Calm Down

Blogging is one of my favourite things to do. It’s not my job, it’s just a hobby, and it’s definitely not something that I should get stressed about. But recently, I’ve been getting far too stressed about it. I’ve been trying to stick too much to a schedule, a detailed plan, and it’s not working. I needed to come up with a whole new plan. January is the best time for fresh starts, after all! I wrote everything I was worried about in this post, and then answered them with ways to fight the stress. I hope it can help others out, too!

Blog Tour Review: Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie

This was SO hard to review. It’s a dark crime thriller – a genre I usually love. I always enjoy the suspense, the winding stories and rollercoaster plots. This book definitely has all of these things. It had a few things I generally really like in a book, but unfortunately, I just didn’t get into this book as much as I’d hoped. Here’s are my thoughts.

Book Review: Advance by K. A. Duggsy

I was approached by the author of this book a while ago to review it. I really liked it! If you love really cool technology, mysteries that keep you gripped from start to finish, romance elements AND a badass female protagonist, read this book. You’ll love it! Read my review here!

Book Review: Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas

For some reason, this book took me ages to read. This definitely wasn’t down to the story, though. I read over 50% in 2 days, but I just got so busy with Christmas and my 22nd birthday! This book was gripping and tense – perfect for a mystery thriller! I loved the crazy twist in the tale, too. Thank you for this book, NetGalley. I’m glad I read it!

I went to see this film in the cinema and I had VERY mixed opinions. I don’t think I’ve written a post about a film before, but I had SO many thoughts about this one that I had to write one. If you haven’t seen this film then be warned – there are spoilers. But if you have seen it or you’re not bothered about seeing it, read on! Get ready for an essay.

Phew. That’s a lot of posts for one month! I hoped you enjoyed reading some of these. I’m so excited to start a new month without any blog tours or any plans. I can actually read some of the books I own!

How did January go for you? Hope everyone’s had a great month!

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