Do you like writing?

Want some inspiration?

Join the Short Story Challenge!

The Short Story Challenge is a just-for-fun monthly writing challenge for absolutely anyone. Whether you’re a distinguished writer, a blogger, or someone who just writes for fun – so long as you love writing, this is for you!

Each month, I’ll post a new challenge here on my blog. The aim of the challenge will be to write a short story of around 1000 words. (It’s not too strict, but don’t make it too long!) Anyone who wants to take part will have about a month to complete the challenge and submit it. The challenges will vary to mix it up a bit! They might be…

  • A sentence or a few words you must include
  • A starting sentence
  • Just a title, and you write a story with that title
  • A setting (place, time, maybe even whether conditions)
  • Anything I can think of as I go along!

There will be no obligation to take part every month. If you just want to drop in and take part one month and not the next, great! If you can’t think of anything for the prompt, you don’t have to force yourself to write something.


If you’d like to join the challenge, all you have to do is take part! There’s no form to fill in and no obligation to take part every time. You could join the Facebook group, though! You’ll get monthly updates so you’ll never miss a challenge (you might even get sneak peaks of future challenges!), writing tips and tricks, and other fun stuff!

To get an idea of some of the monthly challenges, and to read past stories, below is a handy list of every challenge up to now (from newest to oldest).


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