Listers Gotta List - September #1

What a momentous occasion – my first proper Listers Gotta List post on my blog! I’ve decided the best way to do this is to post every Sunday with my responses to the past week’s prompts. That means for this first post there are only 4 – but apart from the beginning and end of each month, there should be 7 in one go. It’s much easier than trying to post one every single day! Let’s get going, shall we?! This month’s theme is Self-Care.

Peaceful Places

  • The beach in the evening. When most people have gone home, there are no screaming children and the sun is setting, I could stay there for hours!
  • The pond near my house. There’s a huge park with a pond, and my sister and I like to go there sometimes just to sit and read books. Recently, we’ve been going there to create our own card game. It’s a great place to focus and stay motivated.
  • My bedroom. It’s nice sometimes just to go into my room and close the door for a while. I could just be sitting and watching TV or reading a book, but it’s great to have my own little quiet space!

Ways I Take Care of Myself

  • Pamper nights. I haven’t done a proper pamper night is AGES – the last time was probably when I was still in uni. It’s difficult because I only have a shower in my house and not a bath, but we’re hopefully getting one fitted soon. I can’t wait to have a bath with a bath bomb, put on a face mask, get into pyjamas and read a book!
  • Having a whole day dedicated to reading a book. Recently I seem to have developed a habit of working too hard and for too long. I work from home, so it’s difficult to distinguish that line between free time and work time. That’s why sometimes, on a weekend or a weekday when there’s not much work to do, I like to sit down with a book and not move. I did that yesterday and read a whole book in a day!

Favourite School Subjects and Why

  • GCSE Drama. I had such a fun class and a great teacher. Having a positive, fun teacher always helps make a class a lot more enjoyable. I can’t even fully remember everything I did in this class, I just remember it being so much fun and I really looked forward to it each week.
  • A Level Welsh. There were only 8 people in the class in the first year and 6 for the second. With it being such a small class, we always had a laugh and we learned so much more effectively. We adored our teachers too – I’m friends with them on Facebook!

Things I Want to Learn

  • When to work and when to stop. As I mentioned above, I really need to learn to know when to stop working! It’s on my mind constantly, sometimes from the second I wake up till the second I go to bed. It’s a hard habit to break.
  • To be less reliant on my phone. I’m not too bad with this, but recently I seem to have developed a compulsive habit of checking my phone every 10 seconds. There won’t be anything there on a Sunday, but I check anyway! This probably stems back to the work thing. I keep thinking “I wonder if I have a new task to do” or “I wonder if I’ve been paid yet”, and I really need to stop. I should learn to leave my phone in my room so I can’t keep checking it!
  • Another language. I sometimes really wish I could speak another language. I studied Welsh all the way through school until I was 18, but moving away to an English university has made me forget most of it. It’s so disappointing!